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Aries In Love

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Aries In Love

Aries are strong people, although they are the baby of the Zodiac they do like to lead and be in control. In relationships this can cause one or two problems, especially for the women of the sign as it has only been in recent times that women are more accepted as being an equal power to men. And even now, some would like to prove that wrong. Yes, the Aries woman can certainly give her man a run for his money. Good for her I say!!! I have known a few Aries women and I have to say they are very loving, and seemingly bend over backwards to please the man in their life, however, they also moan about it, wishing their man would do more; when in-fact it is down to her that perhaps their loved one does hold back. Let's not forget this sign is not only a fire sign but a masculine sign also. An Aries woman will definitely need a strong man as a partner. Any weaker signs need not apply as this woman may inadvertently cause them upset.

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Flirting is also another trait of the Aries sign. However, so is jealousy, so if you are dating an Aries person any flirting done on your part with members of the opposite sex that are not her/him will not be tolerated. People born under this sign do have a little battle with self esteem and insecurity. They don't really know how to deal with these things properly and tend to just ignore them, or worse, try and sort out the problems in a head strong manner not caring about the consequences, which is another trait of the Aries. In the bedroom these people are rocket fuelled lovers who will shock you with their sexual potency and can be quite over whelming in-fact! They love to try any new positions they can think of, and can even like the more extreme pleasures such as being tied up and whipped!! Aries are forever in search of the most intense experience and love the chase, but can become rather bored as they need constant stimulation. The saying "the grass is greener" may apply to these subjects.

Valentines Hearts

The Ram, in all seriousness, should really try the more gentle approach in the bedroom. For instance, lots of foreplay and gentle caresses producing lingering orgasms will be sure to please any of us, using all the senses to arouse not only yourself, but your partner as well. Full steam ahead is all very well and good, but sometimes everyone likes a bit of sensitive loving. You may shock yourself into finding that even you, the ever fervent and enthusiastic lover, may enjoy being nibbled on the ear from time to time!! If you are indeed a lover of an Aries do make sure you give them plenty of ego boosting during lovemaking. The men will like to hear they are hitting the 'spot' so to speak, and lots of "oooh's" and "aaaaah's" and the women will love to hear that you find every part of them overwhelmingly stimulating. So how does Aries fair in compatibility with the other 11 signs. Well, it is my belief that all Sun Signs can get on with one another, however by choosing a Sun Sign which is more in tune with your own the success rate of the relationship may be higher than that of someone with whom common interests are lacking.

Valentines Hearts

These characteristics are based fully on a persons sun sign. Therefore may not be 100% accurate for everyone as there are lots of different aspects of one's chart to take into consideration.

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42 Responses to “Aries In Love”

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  1. 1
    eva Says:

    This is so funny. And so true too. Aries loves attention fom the opposite sex, even when they are supposedly committed. You really have to set the boundaies with this one if you are in a relationship. Because I don’t think they really know what the definition of commitment is. It could be to them just when they are with you. My ex was an Aries and he would flirt with other girls right in front of me all the time, but if I would even talk to another guy his feelings would get all hurt. And i can definately vouch for the ohhs and ahhs, they love this!!! Just make sure that you don’t give them too big of a head.

  2. 2
    eva Says:

    Because if you do they just may start to think they are gods gift to women!

  3. 3
    Lulu Says:

    hahahaha…i love this!!! all i can say is that i am an aries woman..and i am GUILTY of all of the charges mentioned above! :) and im not afraid to say it!

  4. 4
    alinor Says:

    it is always good to know about the singe you are dating. I am a Virgo girl, unfortunately and because my bad luck I fell for an Aries man . we both stubborn, have extremely strong ego that neither one of us will make the first move. he started off well at the beginning when I wasn’t at all interested in him. not surprising that I was pulled to his charm and wit. now I regret it . the worst part , he is my boss, heh…i know I should go and kill myself.

    i hate his ways in blaming everything on me, he travels a lot and every time he comes back he has different attitude . once he shows how much he misses me, second time he acts as if i don’t even excite . i had it. yet i still have feelings for him, and i am sure he dose too , but we both are too stoned to show it to one another . seeking the opportunity to ask him to back off on me, is a dream i wish it comes true, deep down i wish he realize the loss before it happens , but knowing an Aries man like this one , he will not make a move he always believes ( one good girl gone, better gir yet to come..)how to be the bes girl …?

    even his jealousy , never was felt by me, may be on an early stage of this relationship but now he turned cold. maybe he is busy way to busy , but what should i do..i am confused ..?

  5. 5
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Eve In situation like this. A well-balance strong slaghammer will do the tick to hit them over the head. I wouldn’t bother me, if the guy was flirting with another women in front of me. If I knew he really love me. A lot of my guy friends that are married flirt with me all the time and their wives know it, but the wives also know it just harmless.

    Even though I hate jealous, I would do it to him so he could just chase me about and capture me. :P

  6. 6
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Alinor, You need to learn to play the game. You need to love being chase, so he doesn’t become bored so where it goes off on another advernture. Look sexy, but don’t let him capture you. Pretend your not interested, he has an ego. You must play.

  7. 7
    MMc Says:

    Im not trying to discourage you, but my x told me the SAME THING..never leave and always stand beside me..when a Scorpio is done, their is NO NOTICE and they are gone as quickly as they came into your wold and turned it upside down, as youre left standing there wondering WTF just happened..snd they are GONEDY!! So, being an Aries you definatly had better have that back up plan~~~u will need it!! Best of Luck with ur Scorpio moving in!!

  8. 8
    baddest aries Says:

    It’s so entertaining reading about me, as I am an aries woman. No one can tell a better story about an aries woman other then an aries woman. We are very jealous hearted women, our man is just what is said our man, don’t touch, don’t look and don’t even think about slipping him your number. We like who we like and if we don’t like you, we won’t pretend. We believe in love and love the way it feels that’s why we feel we should be the center of your attention, if we don’t feel that from you then there is always someone to make us feel that way, trust me it’s not that hard to find someone else. Men are attracted to us because we are easy to get along with, can hold a good conversation and get down with the best of them while maintaining being a lady in the streets and his you know what in the bed. Any questions about the aries woman you think you might have, give me a holla i can answer what-ever you like.

  9. 9
    Aries R the BOMB!! Says:

    Alinor- he has lost interest! Move on!!!

  10. 10
    Jay Says:

    I am an Aries woman and yes it is a fault of us Aries to be possesive/Jealous and I hate it but it is only one bad trait I guess and we have so many good traits…… but with a pisces man they pick up on this so quickly…….

  11. 11
    Jay Says:

    baddest aries you are so right in all you said I am also an aries (15th) and I could not have said it better than you!

  12. 12
    Ciare Says:

    I honestly don`t think its true that us ARIANS do not remain committed in relationships. It depends on who you are with. We get bored easily, and like to shop around. I wouldn’t say sleep around.

  13. 13
    ancient mariner Says:

    Cocky son of bitches…. Give me three million $ I would blast them into particles! o yeah i am taraus/gemini cusp.

  14. 14
    PJSbutterfly Says:

    Interesting… As a taurus-gemini cusp, do you find yourself internally arguing over subject matters and decisions? I ask because I am a Leo-Virgo and am constantly arguing with myself to make a firm decision. Oh, and is your name Carl? I dated a taurus-gemini cusp. That was his name. :0)

  15. 15
    Aquarius loverr Says:

    Okay, ive read all your stuff on aries and, im totally in loev with one. Like you wouldn;t believe. But, i could never be with him again because… HE IS THE BIGGEST CHEATER EVER!!! and yeah… im an aquarius, supposedly the best for him. But, whatever. How could i get him to be more comitted?

  16. 16
    Ariana 04 Says:

    I love reading through all these comments, because it seems like people are having the same problems over and over again :P
    It is true that the Aries man is charming and flirtatious, and that is why i think that the best match for his is a Leo woman. Because she is very strong, powerful, and can put an Aries man instantly into his place. My parents have been married for 16 years now. And i know see that this relationship, and compatitiblity really works out. My mother has got my father to stop drinking, and smoking when i was born, and used to kick him out of the house, and into the cold siberian winters if he wanted to smoke. That really did it for him, after a couple of terrible frost bites, and his crazy tantrums. He realized that me and my mother we more worth it, and gave it all up just for us. Now he lives a healthy lifestyle, runs, doesn’t smoke, and only drinks on occasions.
    I think my mom does a great job at keeping my dad grounded, and my dad adores her more than anything for it!

  17. 17
    ARIES RULE Says:

    yeah i agree with badass aries. i’m an aries girl and think the comments are hillarious. i’m loyal when i’m in a real relationship now when i say real realationship i mean when i’m in love i have them as high as a pedisil. i’m a flirt and can be head strong at times great in bed i love me sex and very playful both in and out of the bed. i can guarantee anyone a run for their money with an aries. i love the attention off men but just as friends. I love being the chaser it drives me crazy and keeps me occupied too hehehehe. we are very easy too get along with and funny, can be one of the lads then five minutes later a proper lady. we adapt into it quite quicky.

  18. 18
    Sasha Says:

    Oh yeah! Aries women in love rock. Aries Rule was so on track. Its not just for Aries women but the men also. if we are in love - real love- then we won’t ever sway. Now, understand that does not mean we don’t flirt - excessively, even when we are in a committed relationship. Sometimes we flirt and don’t even realize we are doing it. We just do it so much. But flirting for me is like breathing. i need to do it. I need the attention, but it doesn’t mean i don’t love my man. I don’t have time to contantly reassure anyone how i feel. if I tell you I love you, believe it, else you’ll just run me away. Although I secretly like you being jealous over me, enuf can be enuf.

    When I love a man, he has my world and i would do anything for him. However, if I try to work on a relationship that my partner isn’t as diligent in, I will ditch it and him but not before lots of warning.

    I like my freedom in a relationship and will give you yours. However, if you cheat on me I’m am done. If by some very rare off-chance you are able to talk an Aries back into a relationship you cheated in, beware. All’s fair in love and war. We won’t be good until we get even.

  19. 19
    Aries laden Says:

    Okay it’s kind of irritating, or maybe i’m just confused, but if you have a child that child is your first born, and then the second child and third child are so forth, but only the last child is the baby, and the first born is the oldest.


  20. 20
    Aries ladeh Says:

    uhhh why’d my comment get cut off ;.; and I ment to put Aries Ladeh…not laden…makes me sound like a freakin greek princess that is secretly a man that mole…uh nevermind

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