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Aquarius In Love

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Aquarius In Love


Over the next month Aquarius’s everywhere are celebrating their birthdays and indeed entering the world for the first time. These people are hard to define in life and love mainly because defining them takes away a big part of what and who they are, and what they are is highly individual and very quirky human beings. Perhaps ‘human beings’ is not the right phrase, as Aquarius’s are not really of this world. I mean, physically they are, and we can, for instance, touch them, see them and hear them. But the Aquarius person’s mind is seldom linked to earthly matters.


Valentines Hearts

Aquarius In Love
When in love the Aquarius subject is not overly gushing and certainly not traditional. Occasions can tend to get forgotten about even when reminded and things such as birthday cards can prove a bit of an effort also!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of this sign, I am indeed madly in love with a man of this sign…luckily for me I am one of the few people who can understand where they are coming from, sort of!
So, if you are the kind of person who loves nothing more than to be wooed in the appropriate manner of posh restaurants, flowers and chocolates, then you may be disappointed. However, if you are the kind of individual who likes something different, such as a picnic on Jupiter, then this could be the person for you. Although tradition maybe lost to them, everything else isn’t.

They will always surprise you with something no doubt zany and unique, but, you see, the meaning behind it will be enormous. You might be given for example, a twig with a red ribbon tied around it……..but there would be a reason for it, some kind of memory you had together or a private joke. It’s that sort of thing the Aquarius brings to your life and makes a smile appear on your face, not just any old smile, but one you have never had before!

The Aquarius is also very independent, and hates to feel confined or trapped by anyone. They may spend weeks by your side, cuddling you and kissing you and behaving like a lost puppy, then all of a sudden and always without warning, the Aquarius goes away…sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, occasionally both. And this is, for some, one of the frustrating way’s of the Aquarius. Just to reassure you, they haven’t stopped loving you, or caring, or even thinking about you, they simply need space. These people have a touch of the genius in them (they will freely tell you this themselves) and what almost always comes with genius is a little bit of madness. So, just smile to yourself when your Aquarius lover vanishes and just think ‘nutter’ and go about your day.

Valentines Hearts

Aquarius In The Bedroom
These people are very open minded. And this is projected into every part of their life, including the bedroom. The Aquarius lover loves to have sex. They love having another body and soul to get entwined in. They are not one of the more promiscuous signs, however, the Aquarius does love to experiment new things and really does need a partner who will want to co-operate with any new ideas. It is common for this sign to be found at swinging parties!!!

They make stimulating lovers and will take the time to learn how to press all the right buttons, as their first priority isn’t to please themselves but to please their partner. The Aquarius loves to see you enjoy yourself in every way, both in and out of the bedroom.
So what we have here is a loving, unique, independent soul, who is up for any kind of adventure and extreme sports, both in and out of the sheets!!!!

These characteristics are based fully on a persons sun sign. Therefore may not be 100% accurate for everyone as there are lots of different aspects of one’s chart to take into consideration.

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335 Responses to “Aquarius In Love”

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  1. 1
    grace Says:

    i think this is incredibly patronising towards both astrology and aquarius signs.

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Well I am sorry to hear that Grace. It wasn’t meant in anyway to be patronising. Perhaps with a little humour. My partner and I have both just re-read it and neither of us can find anything in it that we would call partronising. And he is an aquarius himself. But we are all entitled to our own opinions and your’s is just as appreciated as a positive reaction.

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    fatoom :D Says:

    its amazing how analyzed my sign nicely, much is so true about my sign and some is eye opening :P there is things you wrote that i do or i am but never occurred to me that it was an effect from my sign, but something i read about my sign being in love with Taurus made me feel worried and sad, plz email me

  4. 4
    Jeanae Says:

    I am an aquarius and from my experience love for me has been a tiresome road. I find myself becoming less interested in my taurus’ boring daily routines. Nothing he does surprises me and he constantly feels like I am asking for too much when in reality the reason why my needs are not being met is because my taurus is too tired from daily activities or simply too fed up with my wants and needs. I do all I can do to please him when he asks, but when I ask for something like more of a message or sex i’m always asking for too much. If you ask me I would say love between a Taurus and Aquarius can work only if the taurus learns to control their anger and give in not just once in while but more than usual without the request of the Genius Aquarian and stop judging your aquarian lover for he/she will surely leave you . For the aquarius learn to trust your taurus and listen when you feel like you don’t need to because you’ll end up wishing you did !!!

  5. 5
    Eddie Says:

    Boy, you hit THAT on the money,I have been reading alot about astrology and you are the only one has come close to it, really like your site,

  6. 6
    Eddie Says:

    P.S. Im an Aquarius too. I left that out :O)

  7. 7
    shmerrrrr.... Says:

    aaah i love your readings, it makes me love being aquarian. gives me a nice warm fuzzy inside. i enjoy disecting people and i believe you did my job for me and layed it right out there on the table for me to gobble up with little effort. thank you :)


  8. 8
    pyt69 Says:

    i totally agree, its hard when they leave u alone but reassure when he comes back u will forget n forgive right away. the aqua men are r perfect if u have a open mind, sexy scorpio.

  9. 9
    Vanessa Says:

    To me, birthdays are really important so even if i give a twig with a red ribbon, I’ll definately have the real present backing it up..but yr right about the puppydog thing i suppose… :)

    and i really hate being confined or trapped cause I’ll just run… :p

  10. 10
    flyin_free Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful description of the Aquarius man. I’ve recently started dating one and turned to astrology to get a “sense” of the sign. Almost everything I read said that aqua’s were, well not romantic, not overly affectionate, etc. I’ve only been dating him for just over a month but my aqua guy definately seems affectionate, loving, a wonderful communicator etc. I haven’t really seen the disappearing part yet…maybe that will come with time, I’m not sure…all I know is that for now, he is everything I could hope for in a man. I’m 38 and this is the best relationship that I’ve ever been in in my life.

  11. 11
    Kallery Says:

    I liked this very much!
    It seemed VERY accurate!

    That Grace person…I think overreacted WAY too much.

    I think she woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something…

  12. 12
    lovelylibralady Says:

    OMG… such an awesome description of the Aquarius male! Especially the “puppydog” theory…lol
    While I’m sitting ’sulking’ or digging deep to see if there is something I did wrong - he then suddenly comes back to me like nothing ever happened! LOL … I just move on…

    I dont get it, but there is something so intriguing about them, so beautiful but weird… (smiles)

    ♥ your site! Can’t wait til everything is up and running! Dont forget about us LIBRAS!! ☺

  13. 13
    Jenny Says:

    For the previous comments regarding taurus and aqua relationships. Trust me, from experience, they do not work. There’s going to be lots of arguements and you’re going to get tired of it. I know, I am an aqua myself. I have been with a taurus for nearly 4 years. We thought we could work it out, but in the end, I left. We can only take so much before they get too overbearing. If you’re in a relationship right now, I am telling you. It’s going to end sooner or later.

  14. 14
    Aly Says:

    Hello Becky!

    Any thoughts on Venus in Aquarius People (men and women) Love to hear that???

    Aly, The Water OX

  15. 15
    Becky Says:

    Hello Aly my friend,

    Great Idea and yes I have lot’s of thoughts about this. I am just in the middle of writing Gemini/Horse for the combined astrology section and then I think I may write about that.

    Thanks Aly

    Love & Light


  16. 16
    aly Says:

    WOW, would wait to hear that. We are the Quirky Types.


  17. 17
    K Says:

    Yehh would luv 2hear about guys w/ Venus in Aquarius too!!x

  18. 18
    Jen Says:

    How can I tell if the aqua man I am dating is in love with me? How do aqua man show they are in love?

  19. 19
    Jen Says:

    I should probably tell you that I am a virgo. We have known each other for over 3 months and we have this amazing connection in all levels and the best time when we are together. Sex is awesome. He was the one to tell me first how amazing he thinks I am, and how he loves the way i am, and how cool it is to hang out, talk to me and do all the crazy things we do together. I feel exactly the same way about him and I told him that. I just don’t know if what he feels is friendship only, or if that is his way of saying that he loves me…. so my question is: how do aqua man show they are in love? Thank you!

  20. 20
    Becky Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for your comments. Well Aquairus men are not the gushing type, but he will do things for you, spending time with you alone means that you mean a lot to him. Remember this sign needs noone, they can function perfectly well alone, when they do spend time with someone it will only be because they want too therefore the more time he spends with you the more he feels for you. If he lets you into his world then he loves you. It is always wise to actually ask them out right too or you may never find out! They don’t function the same way the rest of us do. Sounds like it’s going well so far though :)

    Love & Light


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