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Aquarius Compatibility With Virgo

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Aquarius Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo

Intellectually these two are well matched. And that’s it. This couple will no doubt get on each other’s nerves. Virgo can be quite nit picking and meticulous whereas and I’m afraid to say it, the Aquarius can be a tad lazy when it comes to household chores and anything that doesn’t involve his/her brilliance. This will infuriate the Virgo who loves to have a tidy and well organised home and believes everyone should do their share.

Both of these people can and have been accused of lacking in emotion, and this is mainly due to the fact that they are both more mental than physical people. But they both need a partner who will be more outwardly affectionate; this won’t be found in each other. Their sexual union could be in for some problems also. The Virgo lover can be somewhat prudish and reluctant to experiment sexually, never-mind talking dirty and expressing pent up fantasies. That will not happen!

Aquarius’s have their own time scale, time isn’t really an issue for them, they have more important things to worry about than what time the chicken has to come out of the oven or which day the washing must be done on. Virgo lives for these things. Their lives are regimented and organised; every day has a purpose and a job list. The Virgo has never been flighty or spontaneous, in-fact it scares him/her just to think about it. These people expect everything to run smoothly or else. And the Aquarius just couldn’t’ care less, to them life is for living, not filing!

Perhaps a bottle of wine and a few good conversations once a month would be the best these two could hope from this union.

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216 Responses to “Aquarius Compatibility With Virgo”

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  1. 1
    VirgoWoman Says:

    This post seems rather trite and built on Sun sign stereotypes. I am a Virgo woman with an Aquarius man. Intellectually we have a great rapport. Sexually he is the one who is inhibited due to other factors in his natal chart. However, we have a wildly passionate *HOT* sex life and I was the one who initiated it at the start of our relationship. Being able to have a meeting of hte minds enhanced/es the sex. I have no interest in being a maid so I hired on to do the shoppng, cooking and cleaning. He and I spend a lot of time out of the house doing things together. I have never been regimented with a daily list of things to do, but that is also because of other placements in my natal chart.

    I enjoy that he is cold, aloof and detached as an Aquarian. It gives me space and tiem when and where I need it. When Aquarians get to know you they are quite loyal and share themselves and their emotions.

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Yep, this is totally based upon people’s Sun Sign only. I have mentioned that a few times in my blog. A lot of people only know about their sun signs so that is where I started. Once I have done that I will then be concentrating on all the other elements in a person’s chart.

    Aquarians’ are indeed very loyal, I love mine to bits!!

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Angie Says:

    I totally have to disagree about the virgo and aquarius compatibility. I am a virgo, dating an aquarius and we are really good together. We both aren’t quick to rush into anything serious. On an intellectual level, we can talk for hours about any and everything. Sexually we are fierce. At first we decided to wait because he is very cautious, but unlike many virgos, I am a very sensual person. So I was the one who initiated the act. But we are both really busy people. So when we see each other, it is magical. He can be detached, aloof, and in his own world, but at all the right times. We actually mesh really well. I teach him to be more organized and push him to acheive. He teaches me to be more laidback and take everything one day at a time.

  4. 4
    Genevieve Says:

    We’re both 25 and he’s an Aquarius and I’m a Virgo. I would say he has been my toughest challenge because he is completely opposite in the general aspect of life. I’m a saver and a giver, he’s a spender and a taker. He’s spontaneous and I’m well-grounded. I’m very organized and he’s a go with the flow kind of guy. The reason why we work is that we are both intellectual beings who enjoy a challenge. We can talk for hours on end on just about anything. And in the bedroom, it’s fierce! He likes the security in me and I enjoy his spontaneity. We do fight a lot because of our differences but at the end of the day, he wants what I have and I want what he has.

  5. 5
    swagga jones Says:


  6. 6
    Cheri Says:

    I`m an Aqaurius girl and i date a virgo guy, we get pretty good but he is really mushy and sensitive, which is a first for me! And although its sweet i do need my space!
    Dont get me wrong I do really like him but things are to serious! I want FUN!

  7. 7
    Nebby Says:

    I really appreciate seeing the diverse comments. I’m an aquarius and I started dating a virgo guy. I couldn’t believe the way his mind worked- he was with me on every level. For me to feel secure I have to feel like I can connect intellectually with someone, especially in a relationship, and I even have butterflies in my stomach when I’m around him- so I know I’m attracted to him. So when I found out he was a virgo, I was caught off guard- then read about the connection and felt a little disappointed that all the advice was negative. So I’m going to just trust what is there between us, and am thankful that as humans we rely on our personal interactions to tell us what is good for us, and will help us grow.

  8. 8
    aqua man Says:

    Ive been with a few different virgo women for years and i love it. the mental connection is huge. the spiritual growth these types can achieve together is well worth the petty fights over sex or organization

  9. 9
    virgoaqua Says:

    I am a virago woman married to an Aquarius. Words cannot explain the intellectual connection between us which has always been my criteria for starting relationship. We met at a time when we both were almost convinced that no loving partner can relate with us intellectually. Literally we can have an amazing discussion over any topic. This by itself is a greater fulfilment for me. On the down side he is not organized; he is laid back, money spender and extremely optimistic and imaginative….which lead to fight at times. But at the end of the day he sees my good intention and reasons with me. The fact that he is patience and does not have quick temper compliments my quick temper. Obviously i am too critical which irritates him at times but our fights never go far, we make up easily. Sexually, i am too reserved and not in to it generally while he values spontaneity and kind of adventures in that aspect. i wouldn’t say the sex life is exceptionally nice but funny enough our relationship is more mental than physical and we both value that above anything else.

  10. 10
    VA Says:

    I am a virgo woman dating an aquarian man and I have to say this is an incredibly fulfilling relationship. The intellectual conection was definitely the initial attraction and that naturally translated to a strong emotional and the deepest and most intense physical connection. I think most websites underestimate the potential of an aquarius and virgo together.

  11. 11
    Virgoinvolved with Aqua Man Says:

    So I must say I am still in the dating phase with my Aquarius and I have been a little discuraged reading everything about compatability. So I am glad thier are people out there who have had success! Any tips would be appreciated. ha ha!

  12. 12
    Cheri Says:

    I dated a Vigo Guy and he was a complete nightmare, in the first two weeks that we dated he was Looking for a Apartment so we could move in together.

    I was Like (I was nice about it) but NO WAY!
    This Guy was seriously clingy.
    He rang about 25 times a day well (10-30 times a day)
    And text me constantly.

    I remeber the first time He asked me
    “Where are you goin”
    me- “Out to meet some old friends”
    him- “oh who`s that”

    I names sevral Guys and girls…. and he went suddenly cold… and Jelous.

    After that had happend a few times, I stopped telling him what i was doing and where i was going
    I hated the 21 questions, so i never said anything.

    After i realised what a prat he was I thought i would cool it off a bit and not reply to some of his texts.

    He sent me loads of abusive texts about cheating on him
    Then the next text would be Lets run away togther!
    (People say Aqaurius`s are Nuts!)

    Eventually… Because i paid little attention to him, He would come up with Riducles stories about his best friend being on deaths door (just to get my attention)

    I tried speaking to him about the errors of his ways ( and we discussed mine, Yes i admit I`m not perfect)

    And he apoligised.
    That was short Lived and he was back to his usual ways.

    Eventually I got so fed up
    (After being accused, and questioned and Abused Verbally)
    I told him I wanted to finish It.

    After all the texts of I`m going to kill myself,I`m in hospital with an overdose, I`m going to burn youre house down and many other things… He`s pretty much left me alone.

    I did actually want to stay friends with him and thought i could help him, He Must have something seriously wrong in his life to act the way he does, But i am it`s gone way to far Now and i think hes one of those Nut jobs that are never going to change.

    So Hey My first experince with A Virgo sign wasnt the best!
    I`m glad not all People of the same sign are the same!
    (at least i hope not, How can they be!)

    I put this awefull thing down to experince.
    But hey thats my story about Aquarius and Virgo compatibility and i dont think i will ever go down that road again!

  13. 13
    sky Says:

    I’m a Virgo woman married to an Aquarius man. We are loving and caring of each other and have an intense physical and mental attraction which fascinates us. He is magical, outgoing, a showman, always wanting others to enjoy themselves. He sets plans into action, although it is up to me to deal with and make the arrangements.
    The negative aspects of our relationship for me are due to his need to socialise in groups on a regular basis when I would prefer to do so more occasionally and that he has high standards to which he believes others (especially me) must adhere. It can get tiring arguing with him to defend my way of being but I get my point across and the making up is worth it.
    We are perhaps not a perfect pairing but maybe we have been brought together to teach each other how to be better people and more accepting of differences.

  14. 14
    nastynunez Says:

    I’m an aquarius guy, and I’ve been seeing a virgo women for a lil over a month (weekends only bc of complications, but I won’t go into that) and I must say I think I’m in love!! I’ve dated nothing but pisces women since I could remember and this was a definite change. My virgo is sooo organized and sooo clean (hygiene) all the time!! Lol she cleans up every chance she gets…she’s smart, fun, and sexually? Can you say wow? I can! The only thing that so far bothers me, is how much she worries about things, and she expects everything to be perfect, which is impossible. I don’t want to change her, but I just want her to see that worrying sucks, so why even do it! Lol we still have a lot to learn from each other, but I see us sticking together for a long time.

  15. 15
    elfy Says:

    True blue Aquarian lady who’s been connected with the most wonderful male Virgoan for 4 years. He’s unlike any other I’ve dated; every day is full of sunshine. Communication is our key. We talk and share and play. My mind has been tweaked. Mutual respect for the other’s quirks was set in motion early. So my creative messes get sorted… who am I to complain? No matter what we do, what we consider, how we feel it’s out in the open and splattered onto our own palette of colourful friendship. Life and our relationship is a work in progress - one being created with a smile every day! We are nothing at all like the Aquarius/Virgo Compatibility descriptor. Fine by me. :D

  16. 16
    toya Says:

    Hi. I am a virgo female and have been dating a aquarius man for 3 months now. We can talk about anything for hours. I also can say that knowing how open mined he is from conversations allowes me to open up in bed stuff i normaly keep hidden. I find that he is sweet and caring with out being clinning. I know that most places say that this is a bad match but I must say I dont see it.

    I know he is not well organized but he is clean and getting him to clean is not hard either. If thats the worst of it then i am in heaven.

  17. 17
    nastynunez Says:

    So since there’s a diverse array of virgo women here…How hard is it for a Virgo women to fall in love? I’ve heard its tough on them. Yay or nay?

  18. 18
    sky Says:

    Hi nastynunez, it sounds like you really love your Virgo lady after being together for a month, and from my experience with my Aquarius husband, he was really keen and enthusiastic and told me that he loved me after we’d been dating for three weeks. I really liked him and found him so attractive but could not genuinely say that I loved him back as I think that it takes longer than three weeks for real love to develop. I obviously really love him now as I married him last month!
    I think the key to a successful relationship with a Virgo is patience and understanding, maybe not my husband’s strong points! I’m sure your Virgo lady will love you intensely given a bit of time.

  19. 19
    Mia Says:

    I must say I was worried at the inital description of the virgo/aquarius match!! Phew - good job you guys commented with such positivity!!

    I have just met up with an old aquarius man who - I had a major crush on! Five years later and he’s telling he’s been trying to track me down and how he feels similarly!!

    We talk for hours and the humours unreal!!! He always makes me smile and believe he coud possibly be one of my soul mates! (we get several right???) Anyway, we had sex last week…AMAZINGLY PASSIONATE!!!

    He did however go very quiet afterwards and im trying desperately trying to keep my emotions in check (im one of those virgo girls who NEEDS to be open about her emotions) Not sure where its leading but already feel like I cant imagine him NOT being in my life. Question is how do I keep him without coming across all desperate?? Anyone…HELP!!!!

  20. 20
    nastynunez Says:

    Thanks sky, and congrats on the marriage! That’s one reason why I love her already. She doesn’t jump into things like I do. She’s carefull and doesn’t hand her heart for someone to break. Unlike me,so I admire that. Hey Mia! If you said that he feels the same way you do, then just go ahead and show your emotions. Tell him straight up how you feel, he would respect/like that. I know I would. I hate wondering if a women likes me or not. Just tell me straight up!

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