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Aquarius Compatibility With Leo

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Aquarius Leo

Aquarius and Leo

This combination could be fun. Both of these characters like to go out and explore the world, the Leo is perhaps the more outgoing and sociable in some way’s, but the Aquarius knows how to enjoy him/her self also. Sometimes the Leo can get a little over the top when it comes to showing off and performing for people, which can get on the nerves of the Aquarius who has a far more subtle approach to things. The Leo will expect applause and encouragement from his/her partner all the time which may seem fun at first but the Aquarius partner soon tires of this.

Leo’s also need a lot of security and love. The Aquarius can of-course, give these things to the person they love, but as I have mentioned before they have their own unique way’s of showing it. Leo is a far more physical being than the air sign, and being a fire sign, wants a lot of physical lusty passion. A lot of the Aquarius’s sexuality is in fantasy and experimentation, so they may clash, but I think they could both benefit from the other’s differences in this instance and will probably spend some enjoyable hour’s in bed with one another.

The problem is that both of these two people want to lead, to be the boss. And in any relationship their is only room for one, if any. Neither of these two fancy laying down and playing the submissive game either and although at first their excitement in one another seem’s endless,sadly it does dissipate over time. Leo’s are very into themselves, and the Aquarius isn’t the type of person to constantly give out adoration. Aquarius wants to get out into the world, Aquarius cares. Leo does two, but does tend to put him/herself first.

Basically, these two can have a wonderful time together, they love life and will enjoy lots of different pursuits with one another. I won’t say stay away from this match, but perhaps take it slowly and living together would be the worst idea possible.

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293 Responses to “Aquarius Compatibility With Leo”

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  1. 1
    flicka Says:

    i love my leo man…i’m an aquarius. yes, we never had a dull moment: we fight, we argue a lot, we share jokes, watch movie together, tickle each other etc…neither one of us gives up each other. WE JUST SIMPLY FIND EACH OTHER ADDICTIVE.

  2. 2
    Jasmine Says:

    I’ve just started going out with an Aquarian guy and already I’m feeling pretty frustrated. We were really into each other at the start, and he was quite enthusiastic but now he just seems cold and distant and I’m finding it very difficult to connect with him at all. I want things to work, I want to like him and get close to him but I’m not going to chase him … Leos do NOT do the chasing … all his mixed messages really are bruising my Leo ego and I’m not willing to take it, especially since I don’t know him so well.

    I just have a bad feeling about it … I should probably stick to Geminis and Arians. Aquarians are just moody and annoying.

  3. 3
    Ashlea Says:

    I’m an Aquarius, my boyfriend is a Leo. We get along most of the time, but what relationship doesn’t have occasional fights?
    And I guess the thing is Opposites really do attract.
    But seeing as we are both big personalities it will be hard, but we have so much fun doing anything and love being around each other.
    Being able to work on our relationship will make it extra special if we both put in the effort. And their won’t be a moment that we won’t have fun doing it.
    If you truly love each other it shouldn’t matter what star sign you are.
    I don’t really understand what you mean by not being the type to give out adoration. I am a caring person, and I actually believe I give out too much.
    I love him, he loves me. That’s all you need to remember to make it work and be happy. (:

  4. 4
    Becky Says:

    Hi Ashlea,

    Love is of course a great place to start. I am of the very firm belief that any combination can work well is just that some astrological combinations have a smoother ride than the rest that is all. All I am trying to do here is to give some advice to people who may be not having that great a time of it with some signs, knowing where the problems come from always helps and it can make relationships last longer if the people involved can find some understanding of how each other work…a bit like having inside information I guess.

    Good luck with your Leo

    Love & Light


  5. 5
    Gina Says:

    Hi all,

    I am an Aquarius and I have been dating a Leo for a couple months. I think he is WONDERFUL! Most of the love forecasts predict that this combo will start with a bang and eventually fizzle out. They also say that sexual chemistry does not exist, let me be the first to say, such is not the case.
    They give Aquarians a bad rap, saying we are emotionally aloof and incapable of giving the Leo the attention/love they need. I really appreciate my Leo’s affectionate disposition. I am actually trying to play it safe for fear of moving too fast too soon. I kind of want to feel it out to see where he is coming from since it is so early in our courtship. So far so good, and I’m very excited for the possibility of a future with him. I welcome any feedback/advice from any Aquarius/Leo duos.

  6. 6
    K Says:

    Hi! I’m not either one of these lovely signs but thought i’d comment lol.
    I really like this Aqua guy but he’s currently seeing a Leo (only recently)…
    Basically i don’t know what to do ’cause i’m in a relationship too with a LEO!
    Help ..lolx

  7. 7
    claudia Says:

    Hi all. I’m an aquarius girl and I’ve just started dating a leo guy since the sunday of labor day weekend. I think he is a fabulous creature. He’s very much a gentleman…the type that holds my hand when crossing the street and refuses to light my cigarettes which is both lovely and frustrating at the same time. Since labor day, we have seen eachother about 2-3 times a week and everyday, he’ll text me with a “hi how is you day going?” He is very optomistic like me and we discuss everything from what we find great about everyone to how much we hate camping. We have only made out at the end of our dates but even that is pretty steamy…..I’m hoping to have more and more with him as we get to know eachother better!

  8. 8
    claudia Says:

    p.s. i meant he refuses to let me light my own cigarettes! lol

  9. 9
    Evelyne Says:

    I’m a Leo (female) and I had an encounter with an Aquarius (male) — it wasn’t very good. We did not date or enter a relationship, but he was certainly attracted me for a while and tried to pursue that. Although we were friends, we were not close or personal, because I found that our personalities were too different — even if we did share common interests. I don’t think the Leo/Aquarius pairing works very well because the Aquarius is too controlling, whereas Leo’s need space and independence. Aquarius’s are also much too sarcastic and cold for Leo as well, I think.

    This just isn’t a good pair, just from my experience. I found that as a Leo, if you want to go with someone “opposite”, go with a Cancer. Cancer males compliment Leo’s wonderfully!

  10. 10
    Aquarian girl Says:

    They say Opposites Attract. That’s true in my case. It seems like every guy I become interested in is a Leo. The current one, Aug 13, 1981, whom I met about 2 years ago has really got me open. This summer, we decided to be intimate and I want him around all the time. I’m starting to feel needy (which I never am) and that’s bothering me. he said he likes me too, I hope he’s sure of how he feels. I’ve read often times Leo/Aquarian relationships don’t last, and I know I shouldn’t let what’s “in the stars” affect my decision to pursue something serious with him. So, I’m going to ask him to be man. Wish me luck : )

  11. 11
    Leah Says:

    I amA female Leoand have been in a relationship with a male aquarius for about nine months. He is the best thing thats ever happened to me. He is such a kind soul underneath all his talk. And he will do everything for me. I dont take advantage of that but its nice to have that. Only down side is he never speaks about his feeling. I just guess that he loves me cause of the way he treats me and how good we get along. Our chemistry is also amazing. i dont like guessing about how he feels but i know he cares about me and hopefully soon he might open up! And i dont like to ask as he is not big on talking about feelings and i can tell it freaks him out!

  12. 12
    Dianne Bowen Says:

    I am an aquarius and my boyfriend is a leo.My leo is all that his description implies. However, at the time of our meeting he had been severely damaged by promiscuous women from his past. So now, not only does he have all the qualities that comes with being a leo, he is a very untrusting one. Try dealing with a Leo who just got his ego back in line and added some extra strokes just for good measure. It’s like this unseen veil in front of us that is slowly but surely being lifted the more time we spend together. What I’m afraid of is my aquarian nature to: not feel the need to explain my every step; damaging that trust he’s slowly building for me. I’m very close-mouthed about several things, including my feelings. If I make a decision to express something, I have to get my thoughts together and then finalize what I’m going to say before I actually open up the discussion…(guess that’s what you’re talking about Leah) He takes this as me hiding how I feel, but it’s not like that at all. How can I tell someone how I feel about something when I don’t even know how I feel about it? Sorry for blabbering, just excited that there’s a website for this kind of discussion!

  13. 13
    TheLeo Says:

    I am a Leo woman, dating an Aquarius man. For the second time. The first was rocky at times, but I was his longest relationship ever, and he was the one I got closest to. Neither of us are our stereotypical star signs, though we are similar to them. I do not like attention, and tend to shut down when thrown into the spot light. I can be extremely sarcastic and cold at times, but I have an aggressive personality. He can be sarcastic and cold as well, and that split us apart at first. After we broke up, the following friendship was rocky, and only got worse as he started dating again. But they broke up, and things evened out as time went on. We continued to talk off and on, usually in the early hours of the morning about deep and personal things, and one day, we realized we never really got over the other. So, we decided to test it out. And now, we’re crazy about each other. He has been known to be cold, but for some reason, I bring out the affection in him, and he’s comfortable with me. And he brings out the gentleness, and kindness in me. We are so alike, yet so different, and that really works for us.

    Best wishes to all you other Aquarius-loving Leo women!

  14. 14
    Sarah Says:

    My boyfriend is Aquarian and Im Leo. We have been together for 2 1/2 years and have a long distance relationship. I think about him a lot but sometimes I find him moody and cold and sarcastic. He wanted us to live together but Im not sure if I am doing the right thing giving up my job and moving to a different state. Being a Leo, I am a natural outgoing, friendly and affectionate person. Its hard to be in relationship with him, I let him be the boss but I often wonder if its fair that he is always the boss. It is also hard because he doesnt talk much about his feelings. Being with an aquarius is not easy at all but I love him so, I dont know what to do. Any advice?

  15. 15
    TheLeo Says:


    My first question for you is: Is he comfortable enough to express his true feelings at all to you? I have found that when an Aquarius guy feels like something is striking too close to home, he becomes cold and distant. Sarcasm usually comes natural for them. His feelings are in jeopardy of becoming known, and he doesn’t like that. Whether they are feelings of love, or dislike, I do not know. But you can guarantee he’s holding something back. Try talking to him, with out seeming like you’re trying to pry. Start up a conversation. Ask him what’s up. What’s on his mind. But come at it from a logical approach. Most Aquarians love logic. If he doesn’t want to talk, don’t force it. Wait, and then try a different approach later. It is hard to do all this from a distance but, show him that you are a person with needs, too. If he truly cares about you, he’ll respect you for standing up for yourself. If not, than he doesn’t deserve you, love. Try not to let that Leo temper and pride get in your way. Relationships aren’t about who’s always on top. It’s about sharing the power, being equals, and being one. If it turns into an argument, stay calm. Take a step back for a moment and breathe. And if applicable, tell him it would be better for the both you to cool your heels and talk about it later. He’ll thank you for that later, if he doesn’t suggest doing that first.

    Hope this helps, love.

    Feel free to email me, if you have further questions:

  16. 16
    Naomi Says:

    I am a Leo woman who has had a close friendship with an Aquarius male for about four years. When we first met I was seeing someone else, but he still pursued me and the friendship eventually turned intimate. However, I was conflicted between the two men and decided to stay with my original boyfriend, a Virgo. We didn’t talk for two years because we are both very stubborn, my pride wouldn’t let me apologize. But, when I broke up with my Virgo out of a need for more independence and the need for control over my life, I contacted him and since then we have been in a similar cycle. I have learned to never push anything and never to make him feel contained or pressured. I also have noticed that when I don’t call or text him for a couple days, he always checks in. While it is frustrating, there is something about him that lights a fire in me and keeps me coming back.It’s not the type of relationship that flows easy, it is forced at times, but the unknown is what attracts me, I guess after spending four years with a predictable virgo I was craving spontaneity. I’m not sure where this will go but I do know that no matter what there will always be a bond.

  17. 17
    sarah Says:

    Hi there..I just want to thank you for your advice. I am really happy reading because what you said is all true. Is he comfortable talking about his feelings? Sigh..I always have problems about him not talking to me about his feelings. We just recently had a fight and he seemed more distant now, I have to keep reminding myself that he is aquarius. He doesnt call or text me much and that hurts my feelings because we are far away from each other. When Im with him, he doesnt talk much either but i know he loves me. Im afraid that we will drift apart because theres not much communication and trust.

    thanks so much for your first time to do this in the internet and im grateful for your response.


  18. 18
    kap Says:

    It’s amazing to see how many Aquarius-Leo couples are out there :), all these posts mean either that or that those relationships are the most problematic ones, I am in such relationship myself and the chemistry in it is simply electrifying!!, and guess what I am a leo :). I learned one thing from this relationship though, if you don’t push him and can follow his rules in what he calls a relationship he is yours, try to demand feelings or show any signs of being needy and off he goes. I think with the aquarius you should never expect them to make you happy, they can contribute in your happiness for sure but most of the work you will have to do it yourself.
    Good luck to everybody and may the Lions win :)

  19. 19
    Naomi Says:

    Hey Sarah,

    In regards to feelings, my aquarius is extremely uncomfortable going anywhere near that topic. So, I am always left trying to guess what’s going on, which is hard because as you already have figured out they are hard to read. It’s interesting because just when I think he is pulling away and uninterested, he’ll want to hang out three days in a row, so undpredictable. He will also say things about us in the future, as in marriage, which is also interesting given that we aren’t even classified as being in a “serious” relationship. It’s bizarre, but nonetheless I can’t pull myself away. As the last person said, you can’t expect them to make you happy all the time, but you can expect them to give you something you wont be able to find in anyone else, that’s why we are still with them right?

  20. 20
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Jasmine. You do not love the chase? (I am Aquarius woman) I love a good hunt and chase. Aries is also a sign that loves the chase. You need to chase him and he needs to chase you. This is what you do. It’s hard, but It’s a give and take thing. If you go to the man, you need the man to come to you. If the man comes to you, you need to go to the man. You need to learn how to play the game. All men love a good hunt and chase. Don’t be afarid to detact your feelings for him and study him. You need to understand the person he is. Decied for yourself if you want that in your life. And just because he is not always cuddling you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Actions speak louder than words. You have to read his body language, and you need to commucate with him, if you two don’t talk, it won’t work out.

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