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Aquarius Compatibility With Gemini

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Aquarius Gemni

Aquarius and Gemini

This is a beautiful union. (even if I do say so myself) These two simply “click” from the outset and stay that way more or less until the bitter end. When that end will be is hard to say. It could be a few months, it could be several thousand years! To be honest it all depends on how long they WANT to stay together. They actually have the option. When these two signs get together nothing can stand in their way. They make an amazing team and as well as being the best of friends, can also work together beautifully.

The Gemini has the great ability of being able to change frequently, and in every sense of the word. This will go down well with the Aquarius, who, although can be unpredictable mood wise, is a fixed sign and has trouble accepting that their way’s need changing. Luckily, the Gemini will just ‘get on with it’. If a problem arises that may need compromise the Gemini happily compromises. Aquarian’s although air signs themselves, seem to have a high level of patience, and this is required at times when being with a Gemini. I believe it is these two attributes, patience and compromise, that helps stick these two together like glue.

These two are so in tune with one another it is scary. Even if they are apart they can sense one another. Watching this couple will be amusing also. They tend to take time out of the real world and enter into one of their own making, which no-one else can understand or take part in. The closeness of this union is unbreakable and second to none. Boredom will NEVER set in. It is simply impossible for these two people to be bored in each other’s company. They will always find something to do or talk about or make up, this is one of life’s “happy couples”. I have to say from personal experience that this couple will be so active that housework and daily chores may suffer. The Aquarius and Gemini are not conservative people in anyway, and due to their highly creative abilities their’s will be a more ‘bohemian’ lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong. If and when this loving couple argue, and oh my when they argue, they argue, it is almost as if all their love has reversed and turned into hate. It’s horrible. And mainly stems from the Gemini’s over emotional side. The Aquarius won’t hang around, they hate conflict, they find it they run away and wait until it’s gone away. The thing is that as a couple they are so very close that when an argument does happen it seems like the world has ended. It hasn’t, of-course, they will kiss and make up, Gemini will make sure of it..and will persist in getting the stubborn Aquarius out of his “mood” so they can carry on playing all over again!

Now then, sex is important to both the Aquarius and the Gemini. However, when they are together it is not the MOST important thing. It can be a small danger that if these two are already friends and THEN decide they have fallen in love, they may find it hard to get around to the sex bit. My advice in this situation is to just not worry about it, you only need to do it once..then that will be that, and you will be doing it all the time. Yes, this couple don’t need much of an excuse to jump in bed together, or indeed anywhere. They have no hang up’s about their sexuality and are both open minded and up for well, everything really. So as long as the Aquarius and the Gemini actually get around to sharing a bed together for more than sleeping in after whichever exhausting pursuit they have been doing, these two will have a sex life made in heaven…and Ann Summers will find that she has even more money!!!

Life long friends, lover’s and soul mates assured.

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630 Responses to “Aquarius Compatibility With Gemini”

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  1. 1
    joni Says:

    I went in search of the compatibility of Gemini-Aquarius (I’m the Geminin) because I’ve known this interesting (and very attractive) Aquarian for about 11 years. We’ve always gotten along extremely well and there has always been a physical attraction. Only recently though have we actually acted on it. Had a date and ahem… Sex. I was thrilled when I read your assessment of compatibilty between these signs. Everything you said seems to fit. Minus the fights. Haven’t been there yet! I’m a little concerned because there is a 12 year age difference, with me being the older. Still, you never know I guess.
    So just wanted to say thank you for making my day. I love your style of writing and it was just a fun read! Joni

  2. 2
    S. Strolling Says:

    My first boy-friend, a Gemini, introduced me to Beethoven, Ballet, Rush, Van Halen, the Seattle Grunge Scene, Woody Allen and Russain History. I remember his giving me books of 800+ pages and expecting me to read them with him. I thought it was the most natural thing in the world. When we fought, we fought bitterly, but as we both had Taurus moons, we were able to put things in perspecive and stuck together for over four years until his death in 1992.
    In memory to G.Z. — I miss you!

  3. 3
    NaughtyNikki Says:

    Oh how I love this Union as well Becky, but moment by moment he is driving me up the wall with his distance. I too am a Gemini and I know I can be aloof and distance at times, but my Aquarius gives me a dose of my medicine DAILY!!! Pheeeeeew,what a MAN?!

    Oh my we argued last week and I feel like “butter” I just had to get what I needed off my chest because he was acting rather arrogant towards me, nonetheless I love him, I tried braking up with him several times, but in stead some unseen force or magnet keeps drawing me back to him, I just don’t know!

    I’m patient, but he’s testing my patience and my love for him daily, it irks me to the bone!

    I think that whenever an Aquarius as gotten his heart broken in the past, he is more cautious about taking the leap of faith back to LOVE again, but I shouldn’t be paying for another woman’s drama or mistake! What then can a Gem like myself do to reassure Mr Aqua that I too have been hurt and it’s so difficult to just sit there on the fence waiting until he finally gets the hang of things?

    P.S. Oh how i’m dying for some make up sex.. LOL

    Becky your help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch

  4. 4
    RelkelLoveSteffii Says:

    im so much in love with this gemini and of course im an aquarius. we hav lik never fought but most of the times when we did it was over MSN and it felt lik the world ended and i have to deal with the Gemini & Aries compatibility like everyday and the only time we fought other than MSN was the phone. i think we never fought in person because it will hurt too much. but anyways the last fight was the end but were so much in love with each other its scray its just there an Aries in the way what should i do

  5. 5
    Thao Le Says:

    I am a Gemini Female and I am in love with an Aquarian male. He is my partner for life. We both get each other and we never fight, we communicate our shortcomings and misunderstandings. He stimulates me from all avenues, mentally, emotionally…etc My Aquarian has been completely understanding of my commitment issues and he has talked/walked me through it all. You really nailed this compatibility reading.

  6. 6
    Becky Says:

    Thank you!! I have had a lot of practice with this particular match! My Fiance is an Aquarius man so I do know exactly what you mean!

    Love, Light & Luck


  7. 7
    thia&&reapp Says:

    I’m a female gemini and i was just wondering how my bf and i will turn out together. out of curiosity though. but yeah, it seems like the little excerpt says it all..seriously, we are exactly like the horoscope says and its a bit scary. lols, now i know we are meant to be together and he’s the one. thanks much to this website..Babee i love you. {4.13.8}A&&S

  8. 8
    Hendi Says:

    I am a Gemini Girl whos had a relationship with a Aquarian Man for a couple years now. I am not really big into astrology, but i have to say that there were simply too many cooincidenses to ignore, even down to one sensing the other when they are near. I have also experienced some kind of psychic phenomenon(to some level anyway) when i really need to hear his voice, or cant seem to stop thinking of him, hell always call, text, or email me to say “hey baby, just thinking of you” and thats all it takes to make me feel better..I’m not sure what the recipe for magic is, but i do know that Gemini+Aqaurius= never boring, amazing sex, and intellectual stimulus.Thanks for the article, its was very insightful….Hendi S.

  9. 9
    lee....miitcch Says:

    Im a gemini an my ex bf is an aquarius we had to brake up cus of fam issues but everytime we see each ova we no tht we will get back 2getha cus i still love him nd im sure he do too..and this wz spot on cus i try 2 stop liking him but i cant something keeps pulling me back.

  10. 10
    Saraa Says:

    i’m an aquarius and i dated a gemini once, and it turned out quite horribly.
    we didnt get along at all.

  11. 11
    lilea Says:

    You’re so right on about the whole aquarian/gemini thing. I’m an aquarian women attracted to a gemini woman. We’ve known each other for a few years and have just started to reconnect. Yes, I feel cautious and want to take it slow due to past relationships, but then I see her and we mesh so well together. It feels effortless.

    I have to say that I’ve noticed a difference between black gemini and white gemini women. I’ve found the white gemini woman to be too intense for me. My black gemini lady is more laid back. What are your thoughts on this?

  12. 12
    sofia Says:

    how this fits perfectly! its creepy!
    we instantly clicked and quickly realized we fell in love.
    me being the gemini, i have changed so much over the past few years of us being together, and he being the aquarius, has a VERY unpredictable mood. and i have always happily compromised!
    every time we fought, we broke up. but that was just because he was stubborn and didn’t want to deal with fighting! and soon enough we were back together!
    the last time we broke up, it really seemed like the end and we didn’t talk for a long time. and sure enough, i had a very unsettling feeling and couldn’t understand it. just doing what i felt i needed to do, i picked up my phone and dialed familiar numbers… sure enough it was him that i had called and (my feelings were early) a week later tragedy struck his family and he needed me more than ever.
    this is just crazy, it all applies! it seems like it was just written as a study of our relationship!
    i’ve always said that whatever happens was meant to happen. it was the universe doing so. and our relationship has just been so weird that i’m glad to know that it’s most likely going to work itself out. i knew the universe was pushing us together.

  13. 13
    celine Says:

    i’m an aquarian female & i’ve been going out with a gemini man for about 2 years.. we’ve had our ups & downs.. & i mean way up & way down. i’m happy to have read your little excerpt if you will, on aquarius & gemini compatibility.. yahoo’s compatibility test is good, but a bit vague. this is exactly what my relationship is. & i’m wondering if it really is a good & healthy love match. i ask this because when you mentioned that when the two signs fight, they REALLY fight. & i find this to be extremely true in my relationship. & i also feel it might not be healthy. i often find myself questioning if he really loves me. i’ve heard that geminis are very flirtacious & are a bit difficult to tame & that they settle down when THEY feel like it. We’ve been together for about 2 years & 5 months.. We are ALWAYS fighting over something. & i’m to the point where i’m really insecure & i’m quite the jealous type. &as you mention, after every fight, it feels like it’s the end of the world. i find myself crying a lot but for some reason, i’m so drawn to my boyfriend and he always convinces me that things are going to get better. but we’ve been waiting for things to get better for over a year now. what am i to do & think? i know you’re not a psychiatrist or anything.. but i just feel that you know more about astrology than i do & i’ve been looking for someone to answer my questions. thank you.

  14. 14
    Jessica Says:

    Thank you soo much for this :) Im marrying my Gemini in Feb 2009 and just can’t wait. I loved this peice it made me tear up with joy and laugh my ass off with some of the truths. I had to have a giggle about the arguing it’s sooo true, you love them like crazy but they drive you up te wall, but you wouldn’t want the world without them! And I agree with above comments your style of writing is truely wonderful, I was having a bad day and after happening apon this I will be leaving work with smile on my dial :D

  15. 15
    Becky Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! I am glad you have enjoyed this, it is a union that can be such hard work but the rewards are second to none. I wish you all the luck in the world!

    Love & Light



  16. 16
    Stephanie Says:

    I met my Gemini in May 2008, we got married August 16th 2008… I have never been so sure about being with someone so bad and knowing I can spend the rest of my life with them. I love him till death do us part!

    Jessica, congratulations! Aquarian to Aquarian, Gemini’s are definitely our match make in heaven!!!

  17. 17
    PJ Says:

    Hi, I’ve been coming to this website for awhile, and I’m always amazed at how accurate you are with the Gemini-Aquarius compatibility. And I promise you, there is a question at the end all of this. My girlfriend (The Aquarian) and I (The Gemini) have been dating just under 4 months. She’s also in Americorps (A volunteer service where she goes away for 10 months). So we’re also a doing a long-distance relationship. before she left it was going great, we got really close in just one month! after that month she left and we decided to try the long distance relationship. It has been going wonderfully for the past 3 months, but up until recently it’s a little rocky. I’m a person who would rather stay in one place, and she is an adventurer type. She doesn’t want to stick around once she’s done with her 10 month Americorps deal. At first I was very saddened by the news she told me she doesn’t want to stay. This is about two weeks ago from today (9/20). It kind of tore me down a little. made me feel unwanted sort of. Recently I confronted her about the issue. She accused me of putting her in a lose-lose situation, because she loves me but her passion is going out and having adventures and volunteering. She didn’t talk to me for a couple of days. She’s been obviously thinking about the future. and that leads up to today (9/20) where we’ll be talking for the first time in four days. She did call me last night at work (9/19), but I obviously couldn’t talk. But the way she sounded it sounded bad. also yesterday I had an epiphany, that this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, being with this young woman. I wouldn’t let her go for anything, and would go with her anywhere. I’m just afraid she’s already made up her mind. I’m just looking for advice from a fellow gemini who is in a relationship with an Aquarian. but also advice from a woman to see if i can turn back my mistakes and make it right again. Thank you for your time, I know it’s a long post. You are doing wonderful things with this website!

  18. 18
    Haz91 Says:

    hey becky,

    i have just read this aquarius and gemini post, and I have looked at alot of horoscope websites and i must say that your description is spot on. One thing that has come to my attention is that alot of the websites state that an aquarius and gemini relationship is dominated by affection and devotion more that passion and romance. Would you say that this is true?
    From my own experience, I must say that I have never been in a relationship with an Aquarius but have alot of aquarius friends, and what keeps gemini and aquarius friendship/relationship so close and different to other people, is that we understand eachother at a deep level, there is an immense amount of laughter, and also when they both meet it as if they have found a soulmate in each other.
    Another question is that is Gemini the best match for an aquarius?

  19. 19
    Becky Says:

    Hi again Haz,

    The relationship between Aquarius and Gemini is a mental one..intellect and wit..fantasy and intrigue. Physically it can be explosive but these two will stay together regardless of sex…they ‘feel’ each other, like you say, in a very deep way. I would say that out of all the sign compatibilites this is the is one that is very hard for others to understand..they are soulmates and will almost automatically knowt his. For Aquarius Gemini will be the only person that he or she will ever ‘need’ as they rearely need anyone..for Gemini they can fully be themselves with the is perfectly beautiful..except for when they are out of sync..but as long as they stick at it this will pass.

    Gemini certainly is the best match on every level in my opinion..

    Love & Light


  20. 20
    Becky Says:

    Hi PJ

    Thank you for your comment and I am very pleased you enjoy my site.

    Yes, the wonderful world of the Aquarius, it’s always a bit tricky. You see, they need noone but us Gemini’s do (as long as they are interesting). It may be that you will have to follow your Aquarius wherever they go if you feel that strongly.Trying to make an Aquarius choose between two things they love is a bit like banging your head against a brick wall..pointless. They just won’t do it.and will be angry with you for even asking!! All you need to know is whether she loves you…if the answer is yes definatly..then you have to be happy with that. She will not change her life for you, she is a fixed are the one who can change and you must. Saying that if life won’t allow you to do that then you will need to think about whether you can handle a long distance relationship or not.

    If the worst happens, then you have to really think about whether it is perhaps the right thing, as you may not be able to cope with someone as unsettled. I couldn’t with my first husband who was also an Aquarius, he was never there. It hurts.

    I wish you a lot of luck and I hope to hear from you again.

    Love & Light


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