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Aquarius Compatibility With Capricorn

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Aquarius Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn

If a short term relationship is what is required then this very well may be it. The Aquarius find’s the Capricorn ultra sexy and will want to spend lot’s of time ‘alone’ with this earthy goat! These two get along famously from the outset and laughter and romance and a solid friendship can be assured.

That was the good bit. It’s downhill from here on in I’m afraid. The Aquarius is rather, well, nuts and very free spirited, the Capricorn on the other hand is quite serious and may wonder where on earth the Aquarius is coming from. Capricorn’s love a deep and serious relationship of high quality, something the Aquarius lacks and may cause the air sign to back away from their earthy love.

In the form of friendship this duo can do well and will learn valuable lessons from one another, which they will always remember. And sexually it will be very exciting, but I’m afraid anything long term is pretty much out of the equation.

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73 Responses to “Aquarius Compatibility With Capricorn”

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  1. 1
    Marina Says:

    I found this true to a degree although I feel long term between Capricorns and Aquarius to be a little more common than uncommon. I’m an Capricorn who was partnered to an Aquarius twelve years, we have remained close friends. I am currently involved with another. I enjoy their freedom loving side and find it goes well with my freedom loving side also.

    I think Capricorns are misclassified as well. Many people feel we are serious, and more preoccupied with status than we probably are - there is a reason we have that fishy tale *wink* we are mischievous and freedom loving as well, and the magicians of the zodiac — also mercurial.

    It’s not all about money and seriousness. :)

    Love your site too by the way, one of the best on here!

    (perhaps I’m a different cap with Sagittarius moon and Aries rising in my chart, it’s hard to say)

  2. 2
    CapScorpRising Says:

    I’ve been involved with two Aquarius back to back. I’m a Capricorn with Scorpio rising.

    The sex is out of control! Both of them were very experimental and freaky. One was 7 years my junior, experienced but not confident, still very good. Will be GREAT when he’s older. The other 7 years older. Confident and unbelievable. Keeps getting better.

    We DO NOT get along, at all. With either of them. They are NUTS! It’s so worth it though. Fell in love with both of them. Can’t be in a relationship with them because they are bossy and dominant. I don’t take kind to orders, except when it’s beneficial to me.

    They don’t like to argue, just to be right, and they say the rudest things and expect you to not respond. Most of them study the Tao to their advantage. They’re hot but jerks sometimes. Sweet as pie but you can’t predict that. Don’t piss them off, they are very vindictive, but the best kissers and lovers in the world.

  3. 3
    Vanessa Says:

    gee, that fantastic, concidering I have a tiny eeny weeny crush on a Capricorn guy..(i’m Aquarious, if you haven’t caught on)

  4. 4
    Malaak Says:

    I’m an aquarius who’s been paired with more than one Capricorn. My current Love is a Capricorn he has been my only love for the past 7 yrs. The passion is out of this world! The Love Making Is truly Passionate, Sensual, Sultry, Heated, Loving and very intense in a very good way of course! The love seems to grow more and more the fascination with each other is constant. We are never bored with each other that is certain.

    We share the best friendship and the compatibility is the best I’ve ever had with anyone ever! We even work together all day long. I think this is one match that on most every analysis I’ve ever read is totally untrue about it being a short termed relationship. I also know a few couples with the same signs who’ve been married for years and years and are still close! =) I love my Cappie he’s the best thing in my life!

  5. 5
    lesa Says:

    I am a CAPRICORN married to an AQUARIAN male who is a genius, an artist, musician, builder and a modern-day Renaissance man. However, we are closer friends than sexmates. In fact, we have no sex really anymore. I’m SO JEALOUS of the one who was getting it on above! We love each other so deeply but have fought which may have deteriorated the sex part for NOW. We both want to fix it. I’m very grounded and not too serious (great sense of humor) but when we argue, he is totally NUTS and devoid of logic. I cannot get where he is coming from AT ALL. Still, I love him madly and vice versa. Hope we can get through our rough patch! I still think CAPS are the most logical sign and AQUARIANS the most illogical when arguing! PS: FOr really nuts - check out the GEMINI section : )

  6. 6
    Shelly Says:

    I’m a Capricorn sun…and that’s where it seems to end. Everybody I know thinks I’m a little nuts, odd, eccentric. Not the usual description for a Capricorn. It’s probably because my moon and mars are in Aquarius and my ascendant and venus are in Sagittarius. I love to have fun! My coworker is an Aquarius. Though I don’t have an attraction to him at all, I do have to say he is not at all like the typical aquarius I’ve read about. I did his chart and lo and behold he has 4 planets in Capricorn. It seems I act more like the Aquarius and he like the Capricorn.

  7. 7
    Adler Says:

    I’m an Aquarian, partnered with a Capricorn, and I fully agree with this assessment.

    It’s been 3 years and my Capricorn partner still doesn’t know where I’m coming from. And yes, we used to spend a lot of time together in the beginning but now I’m so frustrated by the lack of social interaction that I just want to break free at times. From a personal experience, I find Capricorns a bit stifling.

  8. 8
    maggie Says:

    I find what was said about cappies and aquarians to be true. I’m an aquarius,and my ex/bestfriend/lover a capricorn. We loved each other,and still do….( we’re on a break ) =-D
    We have the most mind blowing amazing,passionate sex either of us has ever experienced. I have made him more experimental and crazy in bed,and he has made me more sensual and intimate. GREAT MIX.

    We have been together for 3 years….BUT we’re on a break because we fight A LOT!
    I think he is too conservative and stifling a lot,and though he is eccentric sometimes….there IS a serious side. He thinks I am nuts….we are opposites that attract.
    We fight and NEVER understand where the other is coming from. We try to though,lol.

    I also think that capricorns are WAY more sensitive than aquarius and take life in general WAY too seriously.

    But as far as ambition goes….oddly enough I am way more work oriented and ambitious than him….

    I adore him though,and LOVE the passion. And he’s SUPER loyal and romantic.I wish we could understand each other better. =-(

  9. 9
    meka Says:

    i have dated 2 capricorns in the past they both drove me crazeee…and i guess theyd would say the same bout me..they loved that i was random and free spirtited and i love how they were serious and i admit theyd did like to argue and im not the one who like to argue i jus like to be right. but there is a weird attraction between the two signs. but no matter how much i wanted it to work it neva did. but im talkin to anotha capricorn now and he dont like to argue so thats a good. mayb my luck is startin to get betta with these capricorns who im jus so attracted to. numba 3 is a charm

  10. 10
    LittleImpaler Says:

    I have to agree, I am Aquarius woman, and I once liked a Capicorn. Man, the relationship lasted only like 1 week, when I finally met him. I had met him over the internet (bad idea) The internet relationship lasted about 2 years almost 3. I flew all the way to Germany just to get dumped by him in a week, because he found me way too beautiful.

    I was 21 when I finally met him, I was in love head over heels with HIM! I was so in love with him I was blinded with love. He was 31 or 30 Anyways, my father didn’t like him, warn me about him, didn’t trust him.

    I wanted to be with him all the time, I admit didn’t know how to control my emotion, first time in love.

    He wasn’t the man he said he was on the stupid internet. I thought he strong confident man, has some problems, but who doesn’t right. Spoke his mind, he was different, which I like. To me I found him to be extermely hot.

    I meet him, he comes off nice, interested in me. The more I got to know him he was emoitional up the ying yang. I thought he just has some maninor depression problems, boy was I wrong! This man would sit in his house all day in the dark and get mad at the world and complain about his problems. I would give him advice, he wouldn’t listen. He ask me the same question, me loving him would tell him over again. I would try to encougerage him.

    He was a rollercoster of emotion, one moment happy, one momemnt sad, angry, I hate the world, the world doen’t understand. I try to show him affection, told me, don’t touch me. Then he got mad, when I gave him space then he would say you don’t show me affection.

    In public he would act like he was into me. Then we sit down at the tables with his friends, and he wouldn’t talk to me, so I talked to his friends or anyone who wanted to talk to me. He then get jealous, that everyone liked me, both sexes found me sexy. Then he would tell me. I don’t like it that you dress sexy, put on make up, which in fact I did this all for him, that bastard.

    He would always stood me up, he said he be there, and he never show. On the day he broke my heart, I went to his house on a monday night, by myself, because he told me to come. I decied to cook him dinner. I took the train to his house. I waited for him at the bottom of the steps. I couldn’t get to his apartment, because he lived on the thrid floor, had disablity, and in Germany the lights go off automanticly and if you want to turn them on you have to climb the stairs. I wanted for 9 hours. Suddenly he sents me a text message saying he decied to stay over at a friend’s house because he had gone to Muncin. So I said ok.

    So guy that was nice, asked me “Do you need help?” I told him. “I was waiting for my boyfriend, but he told me he staying in Muchin. Could you give him this note and set this flowers at his door.” So the guy set a chair out for me to sit in as he went to my boyfriend’s apartment. All suddenly the bastard comes down, he lied to me, he was in his apartment all the time and he knew I was here. Well, bastard wasn’t happy to see me.

    He invites me to his house and there he broke heart, said he never loved me, never wanted me to come. He didn’t want me, because I was too beautiful, he couldn’t stand having woman as beauitful as I.

    When in FACT he did and told me fricking many times he loved me and couldn’t wait to see in Germany. Then he kicks me out and leaves me outside. I couldn’t get back to the hotel because the trains no longer ran at 10 at night and they weren’t going to run until 5 the next morning. So I spent the night outside in the cold in October in winter crying my heart out.

    On the rest of my trip I was wondering what was wrong with me?

    I met him again in Germany by chance. When I went there in 2006. I had moved on. I got on the train sat down and guess who is sitting across from me. MY EX. I was thinking “holy shit, it’s you. Yeah, you keep looking at me, see what you could have had!” We didn’t talk, I smile at him, was nice. I don’t hold hatrad, even if an EX did evil, I always wish them the best of life. He was shock and scared, he ran off the train.

    When I return home. He e-mail and wrote me this e-mail and said “I am sorry, I hurt you. But I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had many fears and demons. I finally found out I have Schizopheria. I lost my job blah blah blah. It was letter try to get me back.

    I told him, “I hope you get that treated, because that is very serious. What did I tell you when you broke my heart? I told you, once you realize what you could have had, I AM NOT going to take you back.I don’t love you no more, I want nothing to do with you Please don’t ever e-mail or write me again.”

    Being a Aquarius once you betray my trust, and break my heart. I erese you from my life and I want nothing to do with you. And I happy I stuck to my guns.

    I am now 25, now that I think back on it. I say to myself “What the hell was I thinking?” He wasn’t so great. Because of him I take relationship more slowly and don’t let my emotions rule me, I stay detact, so I can read men and see if they are true. And I am gald it didn’t work out. I don’t need a crazy, swrew up man anyways. And I never do internet relationships, because I understand now I was in love with the fantasy. And it true over the internet you really don’t know the person you are talking too.

  11. 11
    sblackburn63 Says:

    I’ve been talking to a cappy via This guy is one of the few I’ve ever been drawn to. We are both in corrections, so we have alot in common. He doesn’t seem to be controling at all, but this could change as all thing’s do of course! I am an AQUARIUS and have settle into a more sober state of mind. Realizing that we should not be anal about everything and rip it apart to see how it works. He seems to be a little more loose than I expected him to be. I’ve been researching this combo and I’ve found alot of negativity and very little to compliment the relationship of the two. I think I will have to find out for myself what the fuse is all about.HA! I’ll let you know how it ends up. Have a Happy New Year everyone !!

  12. 12
    Confused about Capricorn Women Says:

    I was wondering if you can tell me if most capricorn women feel it is ok to go after a taken man? My mom is a capricorn and she feels unless the guy is married he is fair game despite the guy being an a committed relationship. When asked to explain she said it was not cheating if the guy sleeps around. That was my capricorn mothers comments.

    Sierra Miller is another capricorn and she seems to go only for men who are married.

    Now I wonder if this is a trait among Capricorn women?

    So I am just throwing this out there and looking for insight from the professional…..

  13. 13
    sblackburn63 Says:

    Dear Confused about cappy women,
    I’d say it’s more a choice than a trait..Everyone has choices in life and right now she thinks in the long run he’s safe in a way..Or it could be that it’s a test to see weither or not he will choose her over the other woman in his life..I’ve been in her shoes by choice..and it wasn’t a good one either sweetheart!
    Maybe your mom is going threw a very confuseing time in her life, now that doesn’t make it right,but no one is perfect! We all make bad choice’s, don’t we?
    Talk to her, and see if you can find out what’s on her mind..What’s your sign? Are you a Cappy? Are you worried you’ll do the same thing?
    It’s your choice, no one else’s kiddo!
    Good luck!!

  14. 14
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Confused about Capricorn Women: Yeah, I have to agree with sblackburn69. I don’t think that has to do with any star sign, more like a trait.

    Your mom really said that?????????? I have to disgree with your mom. When a person is married to another person their not fair game, unless they make themselves to be. If a person has their wits, and respects other people’s relationship with another person whom they might have feelings for, they will not chase after that person.

  15. 15
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Confused about Capricorn Women:

    I have to laugh, when a woman tells someone when a woman cheats, it’s not cheating. Cheating is cheating either by a man or a woman. Just because someone has a pair of boobs and doesn’t have a thrid leg, it’s not ok for them to cheat. It’s cheating in every sense of the world. It’s not ok to go after married men or women, or someones girlfriend or boyfriend that is wrong.

  16. 16
    sblackburn63 Says:

    Dear LittleImpaler, #1–Please, tell me the meaning behind the screen name you have chosen.
    #2– That thing that ditched you in Germany, needs he’s a$$ kicked! What a loossserrrrrrrrr!! #3– Online relatonships are hard. They should be kept close to home and within a five yr. age limit at the most.

    #4– Alway’s have them meet half way so no one is left stranded and alway’s have a friend come along for safety!!! Good luck in love sweetie.

  17. 17
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To sblackburn63:

    Heeeeyyyy, what is up? I agree with you. I am now older and have learned by lesson. I don’t do internet relationships anymore. I have found out a relationship is way better in person. At that time I was young and stupid.

    As for my handel. I think impaling is so awsome and should be brought back. There would be a lot less stupid people in the world. I think Vlad the Impaler is the coolest person since slice bread. With my interest in Vlad the Impaler. I am short woman, only 4′11. So there you go LittleImpaler. LOL :)

  18. 18
    Linda Says:

    *wow* That didn’t sound one-sided at all…anyway I’m an Aquarius, but my best friend’s a Capricorn. We’re not lovers but we get along fine. It’s more out of loyalty than anything-but I do appreciate her organization and she likes my humor. The pair also has really interesting conversations. (Caps can be pretty rowdy too)

  19. 19
    Cappyhappy Says:

    Caps and Aqua can work, I have seen it. And it’s not all about the chart as it is about do you want to work together. Face it, if you are dating/in a relationship with the person clearly you have some level of compatablity.

    I’ve notice that all Aqua’s have a cap they consider to be there best friend or closest friend. And even say that they would marry there best friend if they were attracted to them. Oprah says this about Gayle. Just remember it’s not easy. and for the most part you will constantly change the relationship if it’s romantic (which is the magic of the union).

    I can’t speak for an aqua cause I am not one, but for a cap. I can say my aqua friends/family and I can talk for hours and sort through anything.

    Also know that every sign comes in divisions. So there are cusp, I, II, and III to every sign. I am most compatible with Aqua II. There is a relationship book Called, The secret language of relationships that you can get at any big chain bookstore that you can read more about astrological sign levels.

    So Cappy’s and Aqua’s follow your heart. If it says that person is right for you ride the ride. The key to any relationship is working together.

  20. 20
    newcappyfrend Says:

    i have an officemate whom i just met over 2 weeks ago. we were never that close during the first week of our training because he was this silent type of guy and when he talks, it seems like he’s just talking to himself. i find him a lil’ bit weird but during the last day of 1st week of training,i tried to approach him since he’s the only person i’ve really never talked we tried building a conversation especially we worked on the same company 2 years ago.

    so just last monday, after our 2 days work off, we tried talking and talking since he was already near my workstation that time. until he was talking to me about funny stuff and i can’t help but laugh. he gave me a different laugh everyday and i really find it interesting and sexy coming from him. i always want to pair up with a guy who has a great sense of humor. the people in the office even thought we clicked because we can’t resist each other. he’s there wherever i go and he’s there on whatever i do but i make sure i won’t sound really that bossy to him.

    i honestly like him but i already made an impression that i like foreigners better than filipinos. i wish i could change his mind in any way and tell him that i want him to warm my….

    …it’s just sometimes,he’s kinda conservative and doesn’t want me to wear those sexy outfits and stuff but it’s ok with him if i talk about green stuff with him but not with others…lol..

    cappies are great people…since the aquarians are the ones who are flexible compared to cappies, i think aquarians should learn how to adjust with the cappies but then, cappies should also learn that we’re humans and we can’t please everyone as much as we could…but we’re ready to love them for who they are…

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