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Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer

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Aquarius Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer

This couple doesn’t have a lot going for it I’m afraid. The Aquarius is a light and heady mix of airiness and independence, whilst the Cancer character is far more possessive and in need of security. Perhaps at first these two maybe intrigued by one another, but this may after a while lead to frustration.

The Aquarius subject is rather aloof emotionally and it is hard for most mortal beings to understand the going’s on of this mysterious air sign, the poor Cancer will no doubt try and work out the inner workings of their air sign partner, but to no avail. Cancer is emotional, deeply emotional, and ever so caring. He/she may feel as though they are on their own at times in this partnership. The Aquarius subject care’s you see, but not in a way that you would always notice.

Surprisingly this couple could make it work. But to do that one of them will need to become rather more submissive, and I personally don’t see that being the Aquarius. One of the great things about this water/air union is that the Cancer will always be there. When the Aquarius finally comes home after whichever mission they have been on he/she can guarantee a nice soft lap to crawl into and snuggle up and forget about the nasty world out there. Will the Cancer want to take on the position of the Aquarius’s nurturer? This I do not know. But I do know there must be a lot of understanding on both sides if this is to work. The Cancer must understand their Aquarius’s need to go off on their own and be independent and the Aquarius must understand the Cancer’s need for quality alone time without the rest of the world.

Sexually this could be quite a sweet union, however, as I have said before the Cancer is a more conservative person than the Aquarius and maybe put off by some of the idea’s this air sign wishes to try out in the bedroom!! The good thing though these two will get along well as friends, whether it will last forever, well, that is for them to answer.

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112 Responses to “Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer”

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  1. 1
    Saraa Says:

    i’m an aquarius, dating a cancer, and it’s working out better than any other relationship i’ve ever been in. the boy means the world to me.

  2. 2
    DJ Says:

    Hi Saraa…. I agree with you. I am a cancer and my boyfriend is an aquarius and no one has ever made me happier. However, it took some time to learn each other and at first it was hard to deal with his emotional detachment. But, now that the relationship has continued, I have noticed that the Aquarius is so good at showing how much he cares for you as opposed to saying it. This relationship has definitely allowed me to value the uniqueness adn individuality in others.

  3. 3
    Rekameohs Says:

    You two i have to agree too, I am also an Aquarius woman dating soon to marry a cancer man, he always makes me feel amazing, and is always there to listen to me, true i like to venture and explore! BUT so does he! we both have the same dream of traveling around the world! forget people who say cancer and Aquarius doesn’t work! Anything is totally possible!

  4. 4
    TD Says:

    hi i am a cancer girl dating an aquarius boy.. we have been together for a year and 5 months and we still love each other very much. however, it wasn’t always loves and smiles. we obviously fought like any other couple does in effort to learn about each other. i was aware of the incompatibility between us right from the beginning of our relationship so i braced myself for the turmoil and reminded myself constantly that if we wanted it to work, we had to work at it ourselves. He often goes out and has his own agenda and i find that i have to sit at home and keep myself busy. but at the end of the day that time is “us” time. And although he’s not blatantly affectionate at expressing how he feels in words, it is evident that he cares by the way he plays and makes me laugh. :)

  5. 5
    me Says:

    My Cancer-boy is very sweet & caring… but.. so jealous.. it drives me mad! ((( I need more my “own private” area!

  6. 6
    Nara Says:

    Hello I totally agree with you all. Im a aquarius girl start dating Cancer. i will say he is most understanding and nice person i ever been with.We just start dating not quiet long but there is something bout him that make me laugh n confort.

  7. 7
    Able Says:

    Ive read the compatibility and it said it wouldnt work out and it worried be because theres a new wonderfull girl and she introduced me to her and shes just so sweet! Im an Aquarius and shes a Cancer and everything seems to be going so well between us. She shows me that shes really interested in me and i do the same. I read this and it worries me that it might not work out. Im very spiritual and im close to the spiritual world and i keep seeing 11, 22, and 44. This always happens when i think of something really important and i just look at something or the time and it says these numbers. I know what they mean and i saw these numbers in my last relationships which played a big role in my life as a new phase. Im falling for this girl and now im starting to doubt my self that it wont happen and now ive read this and it gives me more reasons to think this way. But you girls inspire me and i just want it to work out. I been really bizzy with school and i have no time for girls and i rejected 4 girls already this high school carrier year but for some reason i keep getting guided to her “cancer”. And shes just amazing but and i want to get to know her better. Can it really work out? — Aquarius

  8. 8
    issie Says:

    im an Aquarius
    iv recently started dating a cancer and its going really well so far! hes so very sweet and affectionate and makes me feel so happy and good about myself! he has to bethe sweetest guy i know!
    iam a bit worried from reading the combatibility thing tho should i be worrried though?
    write back thanks x

  9. 9
    Becky Says:

    Hi there Issie,

    Thank you for your comment. No, please don’t be worried. You just have to think about it in a positive way rather than negative,like you know your partner more and can understand the way he is more than you would have before you read the compatibility. It is just a rough guide, an little insight into how each sign responds to the other. Knowing this can help all of us greatly in our relationships! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have a long and happy relationship.

    Love & Light


  10. 10
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Able: I am Aquarius woman as well. I say don’t worry about what the Astrology says. Take a leap of faith and see where this realationship takes you. You might be surpise that it’ll work.

    Now what I am going say I mean no offence to you Becky. I think it’s great you can understand this astrogloy stuff, where I find it confussing with the planets, so my hat goes off to you.

    Able, don’t be scare. The thing with astroglogy is or even tarot. You must take it with a grain of salt. Think of it as a “What IF factor.” Just because they say these two signs don’t work out with each other. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out. I think it fanstastic that some of these couples on here have define the Astrology made a incompitality unqiue work out.

    I think in a realationship, it is sometimes better to be different from each other. If you where the same as the other person, the relationship would be boring and unbalance. As were if you were different, you can learn from each other and grow with one another. The key is not to change the person to what you think they should be, but is to aceppt their difference and to cope with their differences as well.

    Just take a leap and go for it! :)

  11. 11
    LittleImpaler Says:

    Good morning! :) I am just a little bored today, I woke up earilier than I usually do. So I am just going to talk.

    Yesterday, I wondered, if I had met any Cancer people, and I have 3 of them. I agree that Cancer and Aquarius get along good. Now I have never been in romantic relationship with a Cancer.

    One of my ex best friend was a Cancer. We where friends since 7th grade until College. She’d just changed when she got to college. She had a boyfriend and had lost her virginity, and that what really changed her. She began to think she was better then me and some of her other friends that she knew since Jr.High. What broke our friendship she told me. “That no man would ever date woman who is a virgin. And that I would be so boring in bed that no man wanted to date me.” Right there, I knew I didn’t know her anymore. She wasn’t the same person after that. Couple years ago, my friend told me with surpise that she had gotten knocked up by being careless. The doctor told her that she might not be able to have childern. Well, she did.

    Do I feel bad for her? No, I do not. In my mind she had made her bed and now she could lie in it.

    My other Cancer friend is an internet friend, he comes from Switzerland. I been talking to him since 2000 and something. He is a nice person and corrects my mistakes in the German language and I help him with his English. :)

    Right now, I feel really bad for him and I hope he will be ok. He told me yesterday that his Brazillian French girlfriend had broken up with him in early January 2007. Then had been dating since 1997. It was a long distant relationship. He would take trips to French to see her offen.

    I feel so bad for him, one, he is a really nice guy, and two she broke up with in weird way. It wasn’t direct straight forward where it just ended the relationship. She confuessed him.

    He told me, he was lying in her bed next to her and all suddenly she said out of the blue. “I see no common future in us.” Then she gave him french kisses.

    I myself find that so confuessing. If that was me, I would have ended it straight forward, with no mix singals to confuess the poor man. But then again that is just me, I don’t play with men’s hearts.

    Months later she would call him and e-mail him all the time saying Cheri, I love you, I want you back I miss you. Come vist me and sleep with me. He said no.

    He told me, that he finally realize she never truly loved him, was just using him.

    He is still finding hard to move on. I told him, you need to live in the now, and not the past. Because if you keep living in the past it just going to hurt you more. Plus, there’s more girls out there. You’ll find a girl that will love you. Maybe you should find a girl nearer to you, where it isn’t a distant relataionship.

    Relatationships are hard work, but long distant ones are harder to keep up. I give him apluse for staying so long in this one. WOW, now that is deication and LOVE in all it’s senses.

    I hope he can move on. He is feeling really needy and wants me to be online all the time. Which I can’t I have gymnastic and acting to think about.

    The other Cancer I know is a Finnish man name Emppu. He plays in a famous Finnish band called Nightwish. They are more popualar in Europe than in America. I found Emppu somewhat attrative in his pictures, but that all changed when I met him in real life. I was thinking “DAMN, he is really hot!” And he was a very nice guy, very gentlemenly, sweet, really shy towards me.

    He was sitting on a couch and I was sitting in a chair far where he sat. His face was turning bright red when he just looked at me. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. I was laughing inside, because he was being so cute! :) I knew he wanted to talk to me. After his friend Tumoas had left to get their singer. Emppu got into his firned’s chair, which was by me and he began chatting away at me. Asking me all sorts of questions. Like: You were born in the Philippines? Tell me everything about the Philippines.

    European men, act differently then American men. (I think) European men want to get to know you first, where it seem sometimes American men expect something from you when they meet you.

    When his friend came back he would be back into his couch and just blush and stare at me. It was so funny and cute at the same time. (When it comes to men, I like my men Europen and very tall. Like: 6ft to 6′8. I am 4′ll. So I like tall men. Now Emppu was about 3 inches taller than me. Since he was so nice, if he had asked me out, I would have gone on a date with him and lower my man stardards. LOL

    When it was time to go, leaving he kept looking over his shoulder at me, smiling, blushing. He was so sweet! :)

    I know there are a lot girls that wouldn’t give nice shy guy the time a day. But I am not that way. If I see a man has hard time talking to me, I’ll talk to him. Because I know how hard it is to talk to someone. So I always give shy nice guys a chance, some times they need to warm up and then they open to you.

    In my experince the Cancer and Aquarius relationship is a very good one, and isn’t one to pass, if the two people like each other. :)

  12. 12
    able Says:

    Too: LittleImpaler

    That was an awesome story. It was as if i was reading a book. Nice, I hope it works out with you and the guy. Your Cancer right? Im sure hes a cool guy, dont loose your chance with him..give him a call if you can lol..If a guy feels shy, thats a good sign, shows that hes scared to skrew up his chances with you so hes really carefull about what he im a guy i know lol

  13. 13
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Able: I am an Aquarius woman. And I not in love with any of Cancer men I met, just talking about that Aqaurius and Cancer can get alone despite what Astorlogy says about this it being a bad realationship. And if two people of these signs really love each other, I say go for it.

  14. 14
    JMk Says:

    I’m an Aquarius Women. And Oh my God I’m married!And yes, I’m a true Aquarius. I have the dimpled chin, which I call the ass on my face and the birth mark on my lower right calf. Which, I came to know many Aquarius with either scars or birth marks on their calfs. Well anyways I’m married to a Cancer man. I don’t think we get along at all. First, it was just sexual and then I got knocked up and then he persuaded me into marry him. I know you people are asking how could anyone make someone else do anything especially marriage. Well, I don’t know ask a cancer. But, I’m rethinking that whole thing. His mood swings drain me. If I have to feel one more of his feelings I will have his feeling coming out of my ass. I like to talk and so does he. He just talks about the same stuff and bores the shit out of me. I have to go to his mothers more than once a week. I dont care if I see my mom for a month. They say Cancers are good with a buck my ass. The thing is they will save even if that means not paying the bills that have to pay. They’re compulsive buyers. I think his thinking is ass backwards. To go to the grocery store it takes 4 hrs because he has to drive by is childhood home . They say cancers are good fathers or parents. They are loving. But, actually dealing with the kids is another story. If the kids gets in trouble its my fault. He just stands around and gives orders. His complaining about everything how the towel was hung over the shower to how the eggs were arranged in the fridge will make an aquarius girl like me nuts. WHO cares! AT least the eggs are in the fridge and the towel is hung up. I swear he’ll complain just to complain. I feel imprisoned inside the home because thats were he stays. Besides, go to work and the grocery. Which,he will spend gobs of amount on. And you’ll have to have two freezers to put it all. God forbidd I leave the house by myself. Something could happen? I guess thats the cancer protection thing. I don’t need protected. I need to do what I do and not be question on why or how I’m doing it. He says I don’t listen to him. It’s not that I dont listen to him. I just do it different than his way so its wrong. He is so emotional. He’s like the girl and I’m like the man. Hold me hug me blah blah blah. I’m sure my aloofness and coldness doesnt help out much. But, is complaining and HIS feelings are about to make me leave. He always says it about me. But, truly it all about how he feels. I going along so I dont hear is mouth. Because, he will keeping going until you see it his way. I feel like I’m doing everything for him to keep him happy, but he doesn’t do the same in return. I’m going to through the big D and I don’t mean Dalles. I know I should’nt pay attention to astrology and what they say on who you should love. Because, you can’t help your heart for falling for someone. I’m not here to bash the cancer men. Just my husband. But, my advice if your an Aquarius is run from the cancer.And fast because they’ll find you. For some reason cancer men love aquarius women because we are corky and different. And they like odd ball things. But, they will drain you , depress you, and just make you feel like shit. I’m going to go find me a Libra. They love me

  15. 15
    Jody-Anne Says:

    That is Always true you guys,because i am an aquarius woman and i am going this cancer guy from NY he’s so amazing i mean,he take me out on dates and stuff like that!i mean to say he’s my everything i dont believe in what the zodiac says about cancer and aquariuse that we kinda get along,because me and my new boyfriend gets along very good he supports me and i would do the same thing too,i dont know why but for some reason i make friends with cancer people quick!!but this guy is my everything.

  16. 16
    Mrs. Kelly Says:

    Hi I am a cancer girl dating an aquarius guy n it has been the best 4 months of my life so far! We share such a bond n a relationship that is unbreakable, I must say that out of the whole 4 months we have only had one occurance where we fought but we ended up making up n the same day! Our love is so strong that I dnt think a bulldozer could tear it down. I love him and he loves me! N that will always be!

  17. 17
    chris Says:

    I am an Aquarius female and I have been in a relationship with a cancer male for the last 7 years. I think that cancers are like cancer to us Aquarius, they are so controlling, sensitive and they won’t leave. No matter what … they would not leave you alone. If I ever get him to leave I will treat all cancer men like a disease and run away. On the other hand cancers can show Aquarius how to be more loveable in a way that meets the rest of the world’s standards but when do we ever really want to do that.

    Cancer will only do the freaky things that Aquarians want like once a year Lol … It always has to be in the bed … no candle wax or toys Lol … nothing … and no matter what you tell them you need they just can’t keep up. In the beginning they can fake it but after a while they show their more traditional side.

    I agree with a previous post that they are draining to us. Being in a relationship with him changed me into a different person and not for the better. I feel so constricted in the relationship most of the time I can’t think. When I do get time to think, I can only think about how to get out of this box that I am stuck in with him before I go crazy.

    Anyway sorry for rambling and happy birthday fellow Aquarians :)

  18. 18
    Yaya Says:

    I disagree. I’m a Cancer and my brother is an Aquarius. Our personalities are very different. He fails to think of those around him,independent of the family(but not with others),and many other things. I’m sensitive,thoughtful,and very conscious of others. Because of how rude and ungrateful he can be,it really annoys me many times. One example is that he’ll put his music really loud even though I’ve asked him politely plenty of time before to ‘keep it down’. He still does that and has me do double my chores since he dirties what I’ve just cleaned.I would never like to be with a guy like that.

  19. 19
    Googie Says:

    I married a cancer man…I am Aquarius….for the first few years…it was great….then he became a passive aggressive non communicating, prick that was jealous of all my accomplishment. He became boring and lazy and became interested in everything pedestrian and middle of the road. I thought they were wrong and married him anyway…now I know…..its true! run for the Libra or Gem! Stay away from the crabby crab. He only wants to possess you and control you. Once he gets what he wants from you……he is a cold fish! Eat a crab don’t marry one!

  20. 20
    lola Says:

    At the beggining it was amazing… I loved how he treated me like a queen, taking me out whereever I wanted , buying me flowers and all that shit … I was thinking nothing can go wrong! He’s the perfect man , you cannot find a lot of men like that today! Our love was so perfect, so real…But…things change. He’s still very caring and loving but HE’S KILLING ME!! I cannot breathe anymore, i wanna run away from him and he’s “neediness”.
    He’s so NEEDY, such a PESSIMIST, JAELOUS , he wants me to prove my love all the time , God forbbid if i dont say “i love you” one day-for him its the end of the relationship! He wants me to be there for him every single time when he “FEELS BAD” and HE FEELS BAD ALL THE TIME! IM TIRED OF HES MOODINESS! I’m gonna end up in a madhouse! And whats with Cancer man and all that bullshit talk? He keeps saying same stories , he’s FULL OF EXCUSES!AND IT’S NEVER HE’S FAULT! AND HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT even though he doesnt know what he’s talking about! Am i the only one having this feeling or THEIR IQ IS -115 ?? THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, I HAVE TO EXPLAIN 10 TIMES before or IF he understands !! I’m still around because no matter what I love him and I still believe he can BECOME REASONABLE AND GROW UP and realize hes not the only one having needs. I have them too , I NEED TO BREATHE! I dont know how long i can live like this..My advice is Sagittarius! I was young at the time but i still remmeber him with a smile:)

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