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Ophiuchus - The 13th Sign of the Zodiac

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I would just like to say that what I have written below is based on research for those interested in the 13th sign NOT on my own beliefs. I remain a firm believer in the 12 sign zodiac but will carry on my research. To those of you who are heavily religious - please do not use my site to put down those of us who don’t share in your beliefs, this is after all an astrological website so please respect that. Also any comments abusing any person and/or their beliefs will not be approved. The 13th sign of the zodiac, unlike the other 12 signs is actually associated with a real person. In the 27th Century BCE in Ancient Egypt lived a man known as Imhotep. Imhotep was known as ‘Aesclepius’ by the Ancient Greeks, however the attributes are the same under either name.

Sepent holder

One of Imhoteps abilities was healing and it is said that it was he who introduced it to mankind. His accomplishments also included a wide knowledge of medicine. The serpent or snake symbol which is still used today to symbolize the medical profession was also used to represent Imhotep. Below is a list of attributes associated with the Serpent Holder, Imhotep i.e Aesclepius. The descriptions below are associated with the 13th sign - Ophiuchus.


  • Many people are envious of this subject as he progresses well throughout life.
  • A seeker of wisdom and knowledge
  • Many people are jealous of this person
  • Tends to go for the more flamboyant in dress sense, favouring bright colours.
  • Authority looks upon him well.
  • Would make a great architect or builder.
  • Number 12 is this persons lucky number.
  • This person will have a big family but leave home at an early age.

This is the Zodiac as some astrologers believe it should be: ARIES = APRIL 19 - MAY 13 TAURUS = MAY 14 - JUNE 19 GEMINI = JUNE 20 - JULY 20 CANCER = JULY 21 - AUG 9 LEO = AUGUST 10 - SEPTEMBER 15 VIRGO = SEPTEMBER 16 - OCTOBER 30 LIBRA = OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 22 SCORPIO = NOVEMBER 23 - NOVEMBER 29 OPHIUCHUS = NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 17 SAGITTARIUS = DECEMBER 18 - JANUARY 18 CAPRICORN = JANUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 15 AQUARIUS = FEBRUARY 16 - MARCH 11 PISCES = MARCH 12 - APRIL 18 I’m not sure myself about the qualities of that of Ophiucus, but perhaps if you mix Scorpio with Sagittarius you may come up with something along the right lines. See also: The 13th Sign of the Zodiac - Ophiuchus  

And Confused about the 13th zodiac sign?

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549 Responses to “Ophiuchus - The 13th Sign of the Zodiac”

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  1. 1
    13th Sign Of The Zodiac ¤ Love Astrology ¤ Says:

    […] For a more indepth article see: 13th Sign Of The Zodiac […]

  2. 2
    Lynn Says:

    This leaves me confused. Is this what they mean by having a Cusp?

  3. 3
    Becky Says:

    Hello Lynn, On the cusp means that you were born at the changing of two signs. The 13th sign is what some people believe should be included to the zodiac.

  4. 4
    eva Says:

    I thought I was a scorpio sag cusp, but after reading this I am wondering that maybe I am a libra? My riseing sign is libra so this could count for the libra streak, I definately know is there, but I still find it frustating that I still don’t know for sure what my sun sign is! Although i am pretty sure it is scorpio. Libra, scopio, sag., somewhere in there. lol. Anyways i lov this site. Lots of funny and interesting things to read. And thanks fo the update on Ophichus!!!

  5. 5
    Angel_Talula88 Says:

    I’m a serpentarius and I agree with all the coments you made about our sign about the Jealousy and what not on the positive side I’m brilliant with herd and there health benifts and can heal in that way…that description is me to a T!!

  6. 6
    Nikki Says:

    OMG!!! my whole life i thought i was an aries but the aries description NEVER fit me and i always ended up confused!!! It says aries are always bossy and determined and stuff well i am a very caring shy person and i never fight wih ppl 4 fun like it is said that aries do. But my bday is april 8 and this chart really helped cuz the characteroistics of a pisces fit me just right!!! THANK YOU SOI MUCH!!!

  7. 7
    Josephine Says:

    I was born on April 12, 1992. When I found out that I was an Aries, I didn’t think it was true and I started having doubts about my sun sign. I stumbled onto a web page that said I am actually a Pisces. I started to believe that. Though one day when I asked my algebra teacher from my freshman year what her birthday was, she said that she was born on April 19. I told her about the 3rd Decanate of Aries and she said that she isn’t gentle and that she is a true Aries. I am actually a Pisces and I’m glad that I found that out. Thank you!

  8. 8
    Amir Says:

    This is cool. It’s very true about everything. I am extremely lucky and have a way of healing people with my words and interaction. I have a lot of friends just because they want me to help them heal their thinking. Where can I learn more about my sign, the serpent healer?

  9. 9
    shortee420 Says:

    Hi there are some attributes that define each astrological signs and you really don’t need to know the exact dates just from that. Like the Capricorn is wise and solid which are very strong personality traits. A Sagitarrius is cheerful and brave. Sometimes you can just feel it and see it in the person. Animals also correspond and so do insects. We also always forget that there are twelve astrological years presented by the Chinese which are very powerful too. Together those really give us the philosophical outlines of personalities. I think this sign the snake handler or Ophiuchus runs alongside all of them and we have a chance to connect with it. I am not sure if it acually appears stronger at one time of the year. I think it is always present but few of us accept it.

  10. 10
    harry1ophi1 Says:

    josephine sorry to burst ur bubble but ur not a pisces…as of 1990 the alignments changed again

    read below…

    ARIES = APRIL 19 - MAY 13
    TAURUS = MAY 14 - JUNE 19
    GEMINI = JUNE 20 - JULY 20
    CANCER = JULY 21 - AUG 9
    PISCES = MARCH 12 - APRIL 18

    The following Sidereal Zodiac below is for children born beginning 1990:

    AQUARIUS March 26 - April 18
    PISCES April 19 - May 26
    ARIES May 27 - June 20
    TAURUS June 21 - July27
    GEMINI July 28 - August 27
    CANCER August 28 - September 17
    LEO September 18 - October 24
    VIRGO October 25 - December 9
    LIBRA December 10 - January 1
    SCORPIO January 2 - January 8
    OPHIUCHUS January 9 - Janury 26
    SAGITTARIUS January 27 - February 27
    CAPRICORN February 28 - March 25

    as you can see, josephine, you’re actually an aquarius

  11. 11
    redz0nia Says:

    I was born on 1st Dec -78 and as so I am not only a master sign of 11, but also the 13:th sign according to this. I have not always felt that everything that “should” comply with being a sag could be attributed to me and I’ve known about the 13:th sign for about 10 yrs but since there is almost no info about it I stuck to the sag description. All I can say is that people have since I was a child been jealous of me for different reasons, I have always been very creative and am about to learn how to be a gardner and hopefully I’ll design beautiful gardens in the future, I’ve always been a bit exentric when it comes to clothes and hair etc and I love knowledge. I have often said that my biggest hobby is to learn new things and to “collect knowledge”. So I suppose I’m very much a Serp.. Now I’ve also recently broken up a realtionship with a man of my own sign, 10th Dec -80 and fallen in love with a Cap apparently, 27th Jan -76. Wonder how this will pan out…?

  12. 12
    Dani Says:

    Lmao, so I’m a taurus? Everything about me screams Gemini. This is wrong. :( Boo. That’s why it wasn’t added to the zodiac, because I am NOT a taurus. I am a gemini to a “T”.

    This thing is faulty. If the zodiac were like that, no one would believe in the horoscope or find some truth to it. I’d be laughing so hard. Me, a hard worker? Lol.

  13. 13
    The 13th Sign of the Zodiac | Says:

    […] Ophiuchus - The 13th Sign of the Zodiac […]

  14. 14
    7-Music Says:


    I AM A SCORPIO and i know for sure I’M NOT A LIBRA!!!!!!!! i take pride in my sign and i wont let a thing like the so calle “13th sign” take it away from me…plus i know the mystery behind the 13th sign…and after reading that I DON’T THINK any of you would want to be a OPHIUCHUS!!!

  15. 15
    Allison Says:

    I agree, this is inaccurate. I was born July 29th, 1982; and I fit the description of Leo COMPLETELY. There is not a thread of me that is even remotely adaptable to the Cancer mold. Perhaps I am just an old soul.

  16. 16
    Шышь Says:

    А это Вы написали на основе личного опыта?

  17. 17
    joe Says:

    hello, i have a theory i would like to share which you will see is at first not directly related to the topic, but introduces new specualtion.
    i believe that moon signs can be cusped. i was born at 6:11am, 8.11.70. i am one minute into sagitarius moon, but there is no denying that my moon can at times be so very scorpionic. there are other times i am totally on fire so to speak; not only is my sun leo so is my ascendant. triple fire or a little water at times, compounded with taurus midheaven.
    so i wonder if anyone would agree with my old( as of today!) theory of cusping moon signs, has anyone ever written of them? or is it possible to consider that i am of an Ophiechus moon?
    It was wonderful to have that epiphany; i am very aware of the chakras, of kundalini energy, and also am aware of my own claivoyance. I flet extremely … serpentarian when i thought of the corelation and how it could affect my chart personally. ( a big relief to still be a leo!!) - about how someone states no one would want to be serpentarian- i beg to differ- i feel and have felt at times that the attributes of the sign are within me, as dictated by the nature of a moon sign. the scorpionic tendencies i mentioned seem closer to the truth, and the “tottering” between philosophical sagitarius and sexual scorpio feels nicely balanced with this to contemplate. i suppose someone could say that the seesaw effect, which i have noticed very profoundly in the sun sign cusps i know, could have been the swaying of the sign as we come closer to it for 12.21.12.
    ironically, i have started a very successful business and i have said to myself several times’ ” i know what i am doing until 2012.”

    I also wonder if there are attributes for Ophiechus’ influence on the body? I wouldn’t be surprized if you said the eyes; seems to have alot of enrgy associated with the eyes for some reason.
    i will be happy to share the more complete moon sign cusping theory if anyone cares to see it…
    thank you, Joe

  18. 18
    Whoa Says:

    *First 7-music…way to reply exactly like an angry Scorpio, with your sting and harsh words. I don’t know if you are against Libras or just overly excited about being a Scorpio but your capital lettered/exclamation filled comment is a little much. You don’t have to believe it (i don’t think i do) but do you need all the profanity and seemingly offensive comment about being a Libra and, quite frankly, your whining about your poor 6 day sign. If you don’t believe it (and you have made that evidently clear!) you don’t have to scream and swear online about it…really?? not cool, but yay for you for being a super Scorpio and VERY proud of it (apparently) :) *Second, hary1ophi1 you will enjoy being an Aquarius (well if you believe this particular theory lol) as it is a great sign to be born under….ask any of us ;) (no offence to 7-music, i hope i don’t receive a capital lettered/exclamation filled reply hahaha ) *Third Joe i really liked your comment…people always seem to forget that astrology IS a science and the ‘horoscopes’ we read in the paper (which i love) are not even close to being as accurate as they are with each individuals birth place/date/time etc…it is just a generalization at best (but still DEAD ON sometimes, eh?) to my point, i have a friend that i thought of immediately when i read this page about the 13th sign and she fits perfectly with sexual Scorpio and Gypsy like Sagittarius so maybe there is SOME merit to this theory but i don’t believe (with my knowledge) i will be practicing it anytime soon..but something to think about, eh? Peace

  19. 19
    Nollid Says:

    Is the 13th sign a sign of the antichrist because of the prophcey of december 21 2012. IT IS THE SERPENT HOLDER AS A SIGN!!!!!!!!! I AM BORN DECEMBER 3, 1986

  20. 20
    Err Says:

    What the? I am NOT a Capricorn. This is all a bit sad because the original Astrology makes more sense than this newly identified bullshit. I guess it’s all just bullshit in the end but I’d prefer to believe in the way it’s always been. Really. I’m a Pisces and I know it. I’m highly disorganized even though I’d like to not believe it.

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